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Bulgaria is famous in the solar hot summer, a set of the resorts, well-known to all Europe, a large number of hotels of various categories, the magnificent sea with amazing sandy beaches for which purity it sentences the well-known "blue flag", by a huge variety of wines, the most tasty and cheap fruit, and also hospitality of local population to visitors from year to year.


General information:

Political system: - republic.
Population: 9 million persons.
Religion: - Orthodoxy.
State language: - Bulgarian.
Capital: Sofia.

Temperature condition of air, favorable for health, and sea water, its low salinity, absence of representatives hazardous to health of flora and fauna do the Bulgarian coast on which nearly 80 equipped beach territories, act with one of the most attractive vacation spots. And thanks to snow-covered mountains and boundless coniferous forests Bulgaria it became popular among tourists not only as summer, but also as the winter resort where snow cover keeps up to 120 days in a year, and in mountain areas up to 7-8 months. In the bottom of beauty mountain spots there is a set of medical and mineral sources. Currently officially in Bulgaria works the 110th resort, from them 36 - national value (including 5 mountain and 10 sea) and the 68th local value (balneolechebny, mountain and sea). The network of 3 national parks, 9 natural parks and 89 reserves, 2240 natural sights is created. mainly in the bottom of beauty mountain spots. Bulgaria is an ideal place for spending vacation and vacation at all seasons of the year and that is important - all this available to the budget of the Russian.


The Republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, in a northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula in the territory in 110993,6 square kilometers. The northern part of the country borders on Romania, southern - on the Republic of Turkey and the Hellenic Republic, western - on Serbia and Macedonia, east is washed by the Black Sea. Frontier duration - 2245 km, including 686 km - river and 378 km - sea. The relief of Bulgaria is various - flat and hilly lands occupy about 70% of sushi, the mountain - about 30%. The highest massif - Rila (top Musala - 2925 m), Pirin (top Vikhren - 2914 m) and Stara Planina (top of Hristo Botev - 2376 m). In the south the Rhodope mountains across which there passes the border with Greece lie. The extensive flat area is the Danube hilly plain. The extensive beach strip alternating steep rocks is characteristic of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The main rivers of Bulgaria - Danube, Iskyr, Tundzha, Maritsa, Yantra.


In Bulgaria about 9 million population. Except the main part - Bulgarians, there live ethnic Turks (making about 10% of the population), Armenians, Greeks and representatives of other nationalities here. Population of the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, the largest center of the industry and culture, makes more than 1 million inhabitants. Other large cities of the country are Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse.


Official - Bulgarian. At the heart of the letter - Cyrillics. In all resorts, in the tourist centers and hotels the personnel know Russian, English, German, French languages.


The prevailing religion: the Bulgarian orthodox church - 85%, Islam - 12%.


In the prevailing part of the country the climate moderately continental, to the South - passes into Mediterranean. Warm soft weather with a long swimming season from May to October is characteristic of the resorts of Bulgaria in spring and summer and autumn months. Average air temperature in May - +20 °C, in June and September - +25 °C, in July and August - +26-28 °C.


Holidays and customs:

In Bulgaria the next days are considered festive:

January 1,2 - New Year
March 3 - Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke
Easter Monday
April 8
May 1 - Labor Day
May 24 - Holiday of the Bulgarian culture and Slavic writing, day of Saints Kirill and Mefodiy
December 25 - Christmas


In Sofia - the Botanical museum in the National botanical garden, the Zoological museum in a zoo, the National archaeological museum, the National ethnographic museum, the National museum of natural history, the Museum of history of Sofia, National art gallery, buildings of the Sofia university of Clement of Ohrid and Folk theater of Ivan Vazov. Among monuments there are architecture of the capital: St. Georgy's cathedral (the 4th century), the remains of St. Sophia Cathedral (the 6th century), the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (the XIX century) put in honor of 200,000 Russian soldiers who fell in fight for liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish dominion, the mosque Buyul Dzhamiya XV of century. Near Sofia there is a church Bojana with unique frescos of the XIII century. In the city of Pernik, also near Sofia, there are ruins of the Byzantine fortress. In Plovdiv: monastery XI of century of Bachkovo, Catholic cathedral, amphitheater. Cities museums of world value: Arbanas, Bozhentsi, Great Tyrnov, Etyra, Zheravna, Koprivshtitsa, Copper, Melnik, Nessebar, Sozopol, Tryavna and Shiroko-Lyka. The imperial palace, patriarchal church, fortifications on the hill Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo, and also St. Dimitr Solunsky, Saint Peter and Pavel and Sv's churches. Forty martyrs. Gabrovo - the world "capital of laughter". In a southwest part of Pirinsky mountains there are Melniksky pyramids and Saint Nicholas's church of the Wonder-worker. The city of Nessebar - is included into the List of world cultural heritage. The international resorts - Gold Dust, Albena, the Solar Coast, Balchik, Nessebar. The wine-making enterprises and regular exhibitions of wines made Bulgaria one of the centers of "wine" tourism. Ski resorts: Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko.


It is possible to learn about excursions in more detail here.


Deserves special attention. It has much in common with kitchens of other Balkan countries and Turkey: hot spices, abundance of vegetables, juicy taste. By tradition Bulgarians prefer to cook food on the open centers - a skara. Such dishes as "kebab" are popular (meat on a spit), to "kebabcha" (fried meat sausages), "shopsky salad" (the tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, onions filled with grated sheep cheese, vegetable oil, vinegar, seasonings), "гювеч" - stewed meat with potatoes and vegetables, "kavarma" (a meat dish with mushrooms, onions and potatoes), "kashkavat the sir" (panirovanny soft cottage cheese), "drob-sarma" (stuffed cabbage from a mutton epiploon), "Chushka Spit бюрек" (the sweet pepper fried in egg stuffed with sheep cheese and tomatoes). And it is possible to have a bite a banitsa - pies from puff pastry with sheep cheese. Usually eat with Banitsu with the well-known Bulgarian sour milk. Also cold Bulgarian tarator soup (small cut cucumbers, fennel, garlic and walnut are filled in divorced Bulgarian "turned sour мляко") And, of course, in the country where grow up 1300 grades of grapes, always on a table fine wine is very unusual. The prices in Bulgaria for food and wine low (a glass of the Bulgarian beer - 80 cents, the glass of local wine - is slightly more than $1, a portion of shopsky salad - $1.5, the hot dish costs, on average, $4). Especially taverns in national style which are called "mekhana" are famous - in them exclusively national dishes move.



Time lags behind from Moscow for 1 hour.


Bulgarian lev, 1 lion =100 stotinok. In use of the note of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 lev, a coin - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 stotinok. In large hotels, rental centers of cars, at some restaurants and shopping centers it is possible to use the main international credit cards. Currency exchange: Currency exchange is not limited, Russian rubles do not exchange. It is the best of all to have USD or EU. It is better to make exchange in banks or specialized exchange offices. Banks work from 9:00 till 12:00 and from 13:00 till 17:00, on weekdays. The exchange rate appears every day. To avoid deception, it is better not to accept proposals of street moneychangers.


The visa is necessary for visit of the country. To citizens of the Russian Federation aged up to 16 years visas are issued free of charge. Embassy of Bulgaria in Moscow: Mosfilmovskaya St., 66, ph. (095) 147-90-00

Useful information:

Customs rules:

Import of not preserved foods of food is forbidden. Export is forbidden: without special permission - the objects and things which are of historical, art or archaeological value. Foreigners are allowed to import into Bulgaria duty-free 250 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 1 liter of hard alcoholic beverages or 2 liters of wine, gifts in reasonable quantity and unlimited number of foreign currency. If the total amount of the imported currency (local or foreign) surpasses 5000 лв., it needs to be entered in the customs declaration. Computers and other expensive things are subject to declaring of a jewelry, the video camera. At departure from the country valuable things have to be brought in the declaration. Import and export of lev is forbidden. Import and export of foreign currency is not limited (the declaration is obligatory).


In Bulgaria the long-distance bus movement is organized, but buses go with a small speed. It is also possible to use network of the railroads. The persons wishing to hire the car are obliged to have at themselves the passport and the international driving license.


It is possible to call almost from everywhere, telephone sets for cards are very widespread. But it is necessary to remember that phone cards of one firm do not work in devices another, and the call from post office will cost far cheaper than, for example, from hotel.

To call from Moscow - Sofia it is necessary to gather: 8-10-359-2 + a phone number in Sofia, to Varna: 8-10 359-52 + number in Varna.

Credit cards:

As a rule, in hotels, restaurants and shops of Austria it is possible to pay off by means of a credit card. However it is recommended to find out in advance whether prininut your credit card.


Operating time from 9:30 till 18:00. A lunch break in different shops in the period from 12.00 to 15.30. Small shops in resort areas often work without lunch and till 22 o'clock. There are shops of the round-the-clock service, some work on Saturdays and Sundays. Bulgaria buys as souvenirs clothes with an embroidery, linen fabrics, rugs, spirits from the Valley of roses, a product from skin, silver of handwork, a product from copper and iron. It is possible to buy cheap and quite good quality of a sheepskin coat. Before making a large purchase, take an interest in customs rules.


The wide network of the state and private hotels works in the country.


In Bulgaria all beaches free also belong to the city, however! umbrellas and plank beds are paid separately (2-2,5 EU).


It is accepted to give of 5-8 percent from the cost of the order.


Tension in the power supply network - 220 volts over all country.


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