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Cambodia: rest on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

Камбоджа: отдых на побережье Сиамского залива
Beautiful beaches with white sand, the quiet sea, huge exotic parks with the surprising nature and even the mysterious ghost town – all this are generously given to travelers by Cambodia! We suggest you to spend a vacation on the sea coast of the Gulf of Thailand – in the resort of Sihanoukville. The group tour with the guaranteed flight (and / to Vietnam Airlines) will provide you the comfortable beach rest sated with bright impressions. You can choose the hotel located near the coastal line. Each of them has good infrastructure. Float and sunbathe, go in for diving and a snorkeling, visit ancient temples and enjoy the nature – rest in this unusual country will be remembered to you for a long time!

Cambodia: rest on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

Tour duration: 14 days / 13 nights.

Dates of a tour: any.

Description of the offer

Sihanoukville – the main and the resort of Cambodia which is most visited by tourists. You will find white sand and rather quiet sea here, and also will see numerous colonies of corals and exotic inhabitants of sea depths which so please divers. You will be able to reach this heavenly spot according to the following program: arrival from the Moscow airport Domodedovo in Ho Chi Minh, then flight to the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh, a meeting at the airport with the accompanying driver and a 3-hour transfer in the hotel of Sihanoukville chosen by you.

Besides comfortable rest on the sea coast and diving at numerous nearby islands, you are waited also by the known city sights. Independently it is worth visiting national park Ream and mysterious "ghost town" with Pn Bokor abandoned with casino. During walk on them you will see picturesque mangrove groves, caves, falls, the wild jungle, coconut palm trees and the whole packs of beautiful exotic butterflies. On the highest point of Sihanoukville there are temples Vat-Leu and Vat-Kray, from their observation decks excellent types the sea, the city and its vicinities open.

Pn Bokor, Cambodia

One of days of a holiday should be allocated for a trip to Phnom Penh – once the French colony, most beautiful in Asia, destroyed by wars and which became now quite modern megalopolis. City sights: the ancient Royal palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Silver pagoda, and also sad monuments of terror of "red Khmers" – the museum of genocide and the field of death.

On beaches of Sihanoukville a large number of restaurants and cafe, is even places where offer Russian cuisine. Seafood, popular in Cambodia, with chips are on sale everywhere for $4. Hotels of the resort are located near the coastline and offer all necessary for carefree rest.

At the end of a tour you are waited by a transfer to Vietnam and night in hotel of Ho Chi Minh, and then – the international flight to Moscow.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

The approximate cost of a tour for the person in US dollars:

Hotel / number of people 2 persons 4 persons 6 people and more
2 * 822 792 768
3 * 1002 978 954
4 * 1182 1158 1140
5 * 1464 1380 1356

 In cost it is usually included:

  • accommodation in the double room in the chosen hotel in Sihanoukville;
  • food – breakfasts;
  • meeting at the airport of Cambodia, a transfer the airport – hotel – the airport;
  • health insurance.

It is in addition paid:

  • the visa of Cambodia, is made out on an arrival, it is necessary to provide 2 photos of 3,5х4,5 cm (cost – $30);
  • lunches and dinners;
  • drinks and minibar;
  • the personal expenses and other services which are not included in cost.
  • the international air flight from 47000 rubles
  • internal air flight of Ho Chi Minh-Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh from $260


  • Hotels in Vietnam and Cambodia have no official stardom, categories are specified by the Vietnamese partners.

The schedule of flights and / to Vietnam Airlines:

Number of flight City of a departure/arrival Time
VN 060 Moscow (Domodedovo) – Ho Chi Minh 19:00 – 8:40
VN 061 Ho Chi Minh – Moscow (Domodedovo) 10:00 – 17:00
Cambodia: rest on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand
Камбоджа: отдых на побережье Сиамского залива
Камбоджа: отдых на побережье Сиамского залива


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