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China - the huge and mysterious country with distinguished philosophy and an assembly of many gods, rich culture and a various relief, ancient history and promising future. Having appeared in China, you can plunge into the world of the ancient East - contemplate, slow, quiet.


General information:

Official name: People's Republic of China (PRC). Territory: about 9,6 million that makes 6,5% of the area of the globe. By the sizes China takes the third place in the world, conceding only to Canada and Russia.
Population: 1.400 one billion: Chinese (93%), plus 55 ethnic minorities.
Religion: konfutsizm, Buddhism, taosizm, Moslem, Christianity.
State language: кантонезэ, Chinese.
Capital: Beijing.
Time: The Beijing time acts on all territory of China. Time difference with Moscow in the winter + 5 hours, in the summer + 4 hours.
Currency: Chinese yuan.

China - the huge and mysterious country with distinguished philosophy and an assembly of many gods, rich culture and a various relief, ancient history and promising future. Having appeared in China, you can plunge into the world of the ancient East - contemplate, slow, quiet.

Walking on fantastic Chinese gardens, looking at pagodas and the people who are smoothly moving in tai chi gymnastics you will have a rest from eternal haste and look at the affairs differently. The travel to China is at the same time a travel to the past and the future: a touch to the most ancient civilization and futuristic skyscrapers of the modern Chinese cities. The travel to China is a Chinese cuisine, tasty, exotic, various. The travel to China is the traditional medicine well-known for the miracle healings, treatment excludes any forms of surgical intervention and is performed only by traditional Chinese methods. The travel to China is an opportunity to get the well-known Chinese souvenirs (teas, pearls, silk and many other things).

Гонконг, Китай
Hong Kong, China
Geographical location of China:

China is in east part of the Euroasian continent - the biggest land area on the planet, - on the western coast of the world's largest Pacific Ocean. About 98% of the territory of China are located between 20 ° and 50 ° northern latitude, the most part of the country belongs to moderated (moderate and cold, moderate and moderate and warm) and subtropical to belts which respectively cover 45,6 and 26,1% of the territory of China.

Management of 22 areas of China and five autonomous regions is carried out from Beijing, also at it is in submission about 5000 islands. Hong Kong and Makau appear as Special Administrative Areas (SAR).

The dominant position in a relief of China is held by the Plateau of Tibet which height exceeds 4000 m above sea level. There are several highest tops of the world including the highest peak - Chomolungma (Everest). From here the largest rivers of China - Huang He and Yangtze originate. Magnificent tropical resorts are located on the coast of the South China Sea.

Climate of China:

The climate of China is characterized first of all by monsoonal rains and a pronounced change of seasons, frequent norths with a small amount of rainfall in the winter and frequent southern winds with plentiful rains in the summer.


Fundamentals of Chinese cuisine - rice. Meat is presented mainly by pork. More than 60 ways of cooking of fish. Fine vegetable snack (Chinese cabbage "side Choi", etc.). milk is not used. Soy sauce is used instead of salt. The combination sour and sweet is characteristic. Lotus roots, young escapes of a bamboo, a fern, fins of a shark, meat of a dog, snake, magnolia petals, swallow's nests, caviar of shrimps, languages of ducks, octopuses, seaweed, etc. the well-known tinned duck eggs "sinkhua tribute" (a pine flower) belong to exotic products. House specialties: in Beijing - a Peking Duck, in Shanghai and Hanzhou - fresh fresh-water fish. National drink - green tea (not really strong and without sugar). Chinese wines usually very sweet. Local vodka - "Maotai Jiu", "Fengjiu" and others.

Мавзолей Мао в Пекине, Китай
Mao's mausoleum in Beijing, China
Feng shui:

It is ancient philosophy which Chinese call "science of wise men", it is known more than 3 000 years. "Fan" on Chinese means wind, and "шуй" - water. The system the fan Shui has ideas of Chinese of influence of the Nature on destiny of the person in the basis. According to the doctrine, this influence can be operated by means of vital energy - ци, and having learned, any person can achieve success in affairs, improve the life and find love and happiness.

On a trip to China you will have an opportunity to plunge into the world the fan Shui: you will get acquainted with magic of the Chinese dragon, learn how to send spheres of desires to heavenly dragons and to get their support what is a bowl of abundance or how to catch lunar energy for strengthening of marriage and how to use crystal balls for attraction of love.

For example, symbols of abundance and wealth which bring success in business are the Chinese coins. Chinese believe that if to attach them on the folder with documents or the computer, they will help to achieve desirable welfare.

The symbol of fish on the fan Shui is used for attraction of good luck, and dual small fishes are an ancient symbol of sexual compatibility and the cloudless relations between lovers. And still it is possible to learn many east knowledge on a fascinating travel across China.


It is necessary for citizens of Russia, it is made out in Consulate of China.

The consular department of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Russian Federation is located at
Druzhby St., 6 Ph.: (095) 143 1543 Fax: (095) 956 1169

Embassy of the Russian Federation in People's Republic of China
100600, Beijing, Dongzhimennei Beizhong str., 4 (to Dongzhimennei Beizhongjie, 4) Ph. (86 10) 6532 1381 or 6532 2051 Fax: (86 10) 6532 4851

Consulate General in Shanghai
200080, Shanghai, Huangpu Road, 20 Phone (8-10-8621) 63-24-8383, 63-24-2682 Fax (8-10-8621) 63-06-9982

Genkosulstvo in Shenyang
110031, Liaoning province, Shenyang Huange South str., 109, "Fenghuang" Hotel Phone (8-10-8624) 611-4963 Fax (8-10-8624) 611-4964

Consulate General in Hong Kong
Rooms 2932-2940, 29 Floor, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Phone (852) 2877 7188, 2877 5024 Fax (852) 2877 7166

Representation and / to Aeroflot:

Beijing: JINGLUN hotel, 3 Jianguomenwai Street of Ph.: (8610) 65002412 Fax: (8610) 65941869

Shanghai: Ph.: (21) 64156700, 64712093

Hong Kong: Ph.: (852) 25372611

Emergency phones:

Fire service - 119, police - 110, ambulance - 120, information and references - 117, weather - 121.



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