If you dream not only comfortably, but also with advantage to spend the vacation, choose rest on the island of Crete. You will be able not only to swim for a while and sunbathe, but also to descend on excursions during which it is possible to get acquainted with unique sights – both cultural, and historical.

Unforgettable rest in Greece on the island of Crete for the Russian travelers

The travelers coming to the island of Crete will receive rest unforgettable, impressions there will be a weight from this fantastic Greek island. Here it is possible to see the ruins which remained from the well-known labyrinth in which there lived a Minotaur. The tourists who decided to visit the islands of Greece in Crete will be able to visit a mountain cave in which on a legend Zeus – the chief god in antique mythology was born.

The people coming to Crete take improbable pleasure from contact with the picturesque nature, pure sandy beaches which are washed by gentle-azure sea waves. Besides, for many travelers Greece the island of Crete is a place where it is possible to get acquainted with unique historical monuments and incredibly beautiful cultural sights.

Geography and climate of Crete

Crete treats the southernmost tip of Europe. This Greek island – the European region which is brought most closer to the equator. By the way, it is not only in close proximity to Europe (110 km), but also from Africa (300 km) and Asia (175 km). The island is washed at once by three seas – Ionic, Aegean and Libyan.

Crete – not only the biggest island of Greece, but also takes the fifth place in the list of the largest islands of the Mediterranean Basin. Exactly here, according to historians, all European civilization arose. In favor of this theory samples of Cretan-Mycenaean culture, and also palaces in Mali, Knossos and Festos testify. Also here the Europe's first writing appeared.

On the island the soft subtropical climate which is considered the most useful to our organism reigns. Average annual temperature does not fall below +15 degrees Celsius. During a resort season stem of thermometer rises above a mark of +20 degrees. At this particular time – from April to October – rainfall happens very seldom.

Крит, Греция
Magnificent rest in Greece, the island of Crete.
Flight and accommodation in Crete

On the island two international airports are located: one – in Hanye, the second – in Heraklion. In the summer from the Russian capital direct flights carry out charter airlines. By the way, flight from Athens to Heraklion and Hanyyu takes only 40 minutes. Flights go to a resort season every day, at an interval of a couple of hours. From the Greek capital it is possible to reach Crete also on ferries which depart from several ports daily. However, such trip will take about 12 hours.

The tourists coming to Crete can lease a small country house or stop in one of hotels. On the island there are hotels practically of all categories: three - four - and five-stars. Many hotels of Crete work on the widespread system "all inclusive". As a rule, in the territory of all hotels there is a pool, restaurant, several bars, a sauna, the fitness center, etc. It are provided to guests of the island standard or luxury of number.

Various sights of Crete

The tourists who chose rest on the island of Crete try not just to enjoy the tender sun on the magnificent beach and bathing in azure warm sea waves, but also with own eyes to see the well-known sights of Greece.

To travelers recommend to visit first of all the palace in Knossosa located in the territory of the most ancient of the settlements of a Minoan civilization found today. This legendary city labyrinth which ruled the tsar Minos and his spouse Pasifaya was built about 4000 years ago. According to myths, exactly here Dedal constructed a labyrinth for a blood-thirsty Minotaur whom Theseus struck.

It is necessary to mention also the Archaeological museum in Heraklion conceding on the importance unless to the museum in Athens. In its halls the collection of the things from all Crete found during excavation is collected. Among them there are the well-known Festsky disk and the Malian bee.

Also many tourists seek to see Zeus's cave which is on the biggest Cretan plateau of Lassiti. Besides a mountain stalactite cave in which, according to legends, god-Thunderer Zeus was born and brought up in this area it is possible to visit the medieval monastery of Kerr. Many visitors are impressed also by thousands of windmills which pump water on fields from underground sources.

Advise travelers also to make a small cruise trip on Santorini – incredibly beautiful island of a volcanic origin. It is the most southern part of the Kikladsky archipelago. The whole world is known by Santorini thanks to the small snow-white lodges which are harmoniously contrasting with a black volcanic lava and the boundless turquoise sea. From small port to the capital of the island, the city of the Dash, it is possible to reach on foot, having overcome over one thousand steps, on the funicular or astride a burro.

Those who would like to enjoy beauty of the untouched wild nature go to walk to the gorge Samarya, the longest in Europe. Its extent makes 18 kilometers. Tourists can see its just the same what it was 3 million years ago. To Samaria it is possible to go down only on a twisting path, adhering for a wooden handrail. During this walking tour it is possible to see the steep rocks towering on 700-800 meters, mountain streams and wild goats. The travel takes about 5-7 hours and comes to an end in the village of Agiya Rumeli which was once a den of pirates.

Крит, Греция
Rest in Crete with children. The island is popular among travelers from around the world.
Magnificent resorts and possibility of rest in Crete with children

On the island there is a set of magnificent resorts. So, near Heraklion beach zones of Hersonissos, Kali, Guves, Mallya, Limenes and Matala are most popular.

Херсониссос is famous among tourists for a huge number of the restaurants located here, taverns, shops and bars. It is the center of stormy night life that, however, did not affect antique spirit of the city. Here the remains of the Roman port built in the early Byzantine times, the pyramidal fountain built in the 2-3rd centuries remained. Херсониссос perfectly will be suitable for those who prefer rest in Crete with children as in this resort the comfortable hotels surrounded with cozy and big green territories are located. Besides, there are two modern aquaparks Water City and Aqua Splash where it is possible to spend cheerfully time all family.

In the east from Heraklion, in 34 kilometers, there is a city Mallya. It is known for the pure sandy beaches. This ideal place for occupations various water sports.

It is popular among travelers from the different countries and Retimno, being the third largest Cretan city. It fascinates the guests by identity and originality. In an old part of the city it is possible to wander on twisting quiet small streets in warm summer evening, examining ancient architectural constructions. Many buildings were built even at the time of the Turkish domination. At night tourists go to have fun to magnificent restaurants, small taverns and cozy bars. For youth noisy and populous discos work here. Besides, near Retimno there are beautiful beaches. For example, in its northern part the long sandy beach stretched on 15 kilometers from Retimno to Georgiupoli is located.

Крит, Греция
Island of Crete, Greece.

Lassiti's area is famous for not less smart beach zones. They last from Elunda and Agios Nikolaos to Citya, occupying, thus, all east coast including a beautiful palm grove in Vai. In the south of Lassiti Iyerapetre, Mirtos, Makri Yalos's beaches and Agia Fotyi are located. Also in the south of the area there are a picturesque island of Cityya and the small desert island Hrisi where the coast is framed with the cedar woods.

Many travelers seek to get to fantastically beautiful coastal city of Agios of Nikolaos which is located on the bank of the gulf Mirabello. This settlement received the name from the Saint Nikolay's church which is nearby. If to do in time time of the holiday, then it is possible to get on one of unforgettable celebrations which are held on the occasion of these or those religious holidays.

The gulf Mirabello is known for the unique microclimate caused by the fact that it is surrounded with mountains. So, if, for example, in Hersonissosa rainy weather, then in Agios Nikolaos brightly shines the sun.

Many tourists choose the former fishing small village of Elund which is turned into the luxurious resort now for rest. Exactly here the most expensive hotels on the island are located. Local hotels possess own green territories, sandy beaches and restaurants. By the way, in Elunda the Greek politicians, athletes and stars of show business come to have a rest.

If you dream to spend the vacation unforgettably, interestingly and with comfort, rest in Greece on the island of Crete is that it is necessary for you! Here it is possible to sunbathe on beaches with white small sand and to bathe in gentle-azure sea waves.

Fans of history will be able to visit various sights with which the set of the well-known legends is connected. Those who prefer active recreation will be able to make foot walks on gorges and mountains or to dive.



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