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Exotic of Brazil

Экзотика Бразилии
Brazil is well-known not only the amazing cities, but also fantastically beautiful nature. In local national parks it is possible to see beautiful falls, rainforests with exotic plants and a set of animal species, and also to enjoy the special atmosphere of rest which is possible only far from megalopolises. We suggest you to go to an entertaining travel over the country during which you will get acquainted with sights of Rio de Janeiro, will walk on Iguazu National Park with its delightful falls, will visit Pantanala, will see mysterious caves of Bonito and will have a rest on the islands Parati. You are waited by a fascinating adventure which will allow to look in a new way on such different and from that even more beautiful Brazil.

Exotic of Brazil

Tour duration: 13 days / 12 nights.

Dates of arrival: any.

Tour route: Rio de Janeiro – Foz-de-Iguazu – Pantanal – Bonito – Parati.

Air flight: it is not included.

Standard program of a tour

Day 1, Rio de Janeiro

Arrival in Rio de Janeiro, meeting with the attendant at the airport, a transfer in the chosen hotel, placement and free time.

Day 2, Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast and excursion across Rio de Janeiro (duration – 8 hours). At first you will go by tourist train to the hill Korkovado where there is a world famous statue of Christ Christ Redeemer – the main Rio de Janeiro symbol. From top of the mountain it is possible to admire a magnificent panorama and to see all sights of Rio: Sugar head, Botanical garden, gulf Guanabara, Maracanã stadium, bridge Niteroi and many other things.

Further you are waited by walk on the historic center of the city, a lunch at restaurant of the ethnic cuisine and rise on the funicular on the mountain the Sugar head from where the amazing view of the city opens. Christ Christ Redeemer's statue on Korkovado's grief, the palace Tiradentis, Largu-di-Botikariu Square, a city Town hall, colonial buildings of the exchange, arsenal and customs, Slava Gospodney's Church (18th century) – these and other sights will appear before you in all beauty.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At will, for an additional fee you can visit restaurant of ethnic Brazilian cuisine. Besides the most tasty traditional dishes accompanied by local wines, you are waited by remarkable folklore representation. You will be able to enjoy an enchanting show of mulattos with dances under incendiary Brazilian rhythms. Cost – the 90th $/persons.

Return to hotel, rest.

Day 3, Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast in hotel and free time.

For an additional fee you can order excursions in the Botanical garden, the city of Petropolis, a trip to tropical islands, tickets for Shaw of mulattos or flight over Rio by helicopter.

Botanical garden

The botanical garden Rio – the excellent place for walk. Here more than 7000 plants from all over the world, including Imperial palm trees and surprising samples of flora from Amazonia are collected. Many come here to look at a huge water-lily Victoria Regiya whose leaf is capable to sustain the weight of the five-year-old child. Excursion duration – 4 hours.

Trip on tropical islands

You are waited by a cruise to the city of Itakurusa on Saveiro schooner. On the way you will cross the picturesque gulf Sepitiba, enjoy a beautiful view of tropical islands and, perhaps, you will see dolphins, poisonous slopes, huge fishes and turtles. During swimming it will be stopped for bathing.

On arrival on the island you are waited by a remarkable lunch in a buffet format, walk on the fishing town and bathing in the gulf or the pool. Then – a way back in Rio. Excursion duration – 8 hours.

Gulf Sepitiba, Brazil

Shaw's visit mulattos

In the evening you can visit Shaw of mulattos (duration – 4 hours). You are waited by a highly topical entertainment program with the bright carnival performances, sketches telling about country life, numbers of capoeira, etc. At will, it is possible to order a dinner with dishes of traditional Brazilian cuisine. The transfer from hotel and back is included excursions in the price.

Excursion to "Royal Petropolis"

Petropolis is located in 65 km from Rio and is known that there is a summer residence of the king Pedro II. In the palace you will be able to see refined ancient furniture, household items of royal family, jewelry, the crown decorated with pearls and diamonds, and many other things. Besides, you visit the Gothic cathedral with Pedro II's tombs, his wife and the princess Isabel for whom the residence, and also the interesting Royal museum was built.

Helicopter excursion across Rio

Place of departure – Sugar head. You will get on the helicopter and will go to flight over solar Rio. From height of bird's flight it is possible to consider perfectly all sights, to see interesting districts of the city, the favela, a fine Botanical garden and the most beautiful snow-white beaches. Flight duration – 8-9 minutes.

Day 4, Rio de Janeiro is Foz-de-Iguazu

Breakfast in hotel, moving to the airport, a departure to Foz-de-Iguazu. On arrival – a meeting at the airport, a transfer in hotel, placement and rest.

For an additional fee, at will, you can order an excursion on the Argentina side of Iguazu National Park.

Day 5, Foz-de-Iguazu

Breakfast and trip to national park of Iguazu (in translation from guaraniysky the name is meant by "high water"). Here 275 magnificent water cascades with a general extent about three kilometers are located. From height of 70 meters more than 5000 cubic meters of water a second are overthrown. On border of Brazil and Argentina there are the biggest Iguazu falls – "The Throat of the Devil" with 14 impressive cascades. During the excursion you are waited by fascinating landscapes, the water splashes which are poured in the sun all colors of the rainbow and the bright tropical butterflies creating the atmosphere of the fairy forest.

Further you make a fascinating trip of "Makuko-safari". At first you will pass about 3 km on the tropical jungle and learn a lot of interesting about the local nature, after that on foot will go to the bank of the river of Iguazu. On the motor boat you will be able to approach falls almost closely, to admire the overthrown streams sparkling in the sun and to take wonderful pictures.

The excursion will come to the end with visit of the Park of birds located near Iguazu. A variety of the flitting creations of the most unimaginable coloring makes an indelible impression.

Foz-de-Iguazu, Brazil

Day 6, Foz-de-Iguazu – Pantanal

Breakfast in hotel, transportation to the airport, flight in Campo Grande and a trip to Pantanal.

Pantanal – the reserved zone of Brazil located in a boggy tectonic hollow. This place is known the unique flora and fauna. Here 3500 species of plants grow, 650 bird species, about 80 species of mammals, 50 species of reptiles and about 200 species of fish live. Population of crocodiles makes 20 million! Among lakes with the purest water and violent vegetation the atmosphere of rest reigns. Watch life of rare birds and animals, inhale aromas of exotic flowers and enjoy rest in Lodge having all necessary for comfortable accommodation.

Day 7, Pantanal

After a breakfast you will go to horse walk on surprising open spaces of Pantanal. You will be able to meet on the way huge otters, alligators, marsh deer and a great number of other representatives of fauna of these places. After walk you are waited by a lunch on a farm, and in the second half of day – a campaign in the most picturesque places of Pantanal and a dinner.

Day 8, Pantanal

Breakfast and hunting for piranhas (under the leadership of the instructor) from the coast or directly in water. Thrills are provided! If such extreme seems to you insufficient, you will be able to bathe in the river abounding with crocodiles. After fishing and bathing – a lunch and a dinner in hotel. In the evening you are waited by alloy on a canoe down the river which is located near hotel.

Day 9, Pantanal – Bonito

Having had breakfast, you will go to a kingdom of the primitive nature. Having passed more than 5 km through the tropical jungle, you come to be before 12 fantastically beautiful falls. "A leopard mouth" – the highest of them (156 m). During walk you will be able to bathe in water cascades, to investigate the grottoes mislaid in the rainforest with stalactites, to have dinner and relax in a hammock at the natural spring pool. At will it is possible to go down on a rope to the valley from the rock 70 meters high. The skilled instructor will watch your safety. Descent cost – $70.

Further – the road to Bonito. On arrival – placement in hotel and rest.

Pantanal, Brazil

Day 10, Bonito

Bonito – one of the world famous centers of ecotourism. The woods with century trees, the rivers with crystal-clear water, mysterious caves, delightful falls look here as well as thousands years ago. After a breakfast you visit a grotto of Blue Lake Cave – the flooded cave which blue waters penetrate sunlight beams, creating improbable effect. The cave attracts not only travelers, but also scientists. At the end of the 20th century remains of a saber-toothed tiger and huge idler were found here.

After visit of Blue Lake Cave you are waited by scuba diving with a mask in waters of Rio-da-Prata. Having passed on the road along the river, you will be at Olho d source' Água from where alloy will begin. Thanks to clear and transparent water, it is possible to see the various river inhabitants swimming even deeply here. At visit of the reserve neoprene suits and masks are given.

Rest in Bonito's hotel.

Day 11, Bonito – Parati

Breakfast in hotel, a transfer in the airport, flight in Rio de Janeiro. Further – moving to Parati, placement in hotel and rest.

Parati – the small town located in 200 km from Rio known for perfectly remained buildings of a colonial era. Among its main sights It should be noted a cathedral of Nossa - the Senhora - dos-Remedios with magnificent interiors, small church of Igreya - to - Rosario and the temple of Igreya-de-Santa-Rita (17th century). Besides, the town is attractive by the purest beaches where all conditions for comfortable rest are created.

Day 12, Parati

Breakfast and cruise on the islands located around Parati (duration – 5 hours). During a trip three hour stops that you could have a rest and be engaged in a snorkeling will be made. The travel includes visit of islands of Comprida, Praia Vermelha, Algodão, Cotia, Sacoda Velha and Lulas.

In the second half of day – free time for beach rest.

Day 13, Parati – Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast in hotel, moving to the airport, a departure from the country.

Ecotourism in Bonito, Brazil

The approximate cost of a tour on the person in US dollars:

Hotels Number of people in group Double room Single room Triple room
Hotels 3-4 *
Astoria Copacabana 3 * (3 N), Salvatti 3 * (2 N), Pousada Xaraes 3 * (3 N), Pousada Olho D'Agua 3 * (2 N), Pousada Corsario Buzios 4 * (2 N) 5-6 persons. $3248 $3886 $3063
3-4 persons. $3439 $4078 $3255
2 persons. $3759 $4398 -
1 persons. - $5951 -
Hotels 4 *
Best Western Augustos Rio Copa 4 * (3 N), Viale Cataratas 4 * (2 N), Pousada Xaraes 3 * (3 N), Pousada Olho D'Agua 3 * (2 N), Pousada Corsario Buzios 4 * (2 N) 5-6 persons. $3350 $4073 $3153
3-4 persons. $3542 $4264 $3345
2 persons. $4584 $3861 -
1 persons. - $6138 -
Hotels 4-5 *
Windsor Atlantica 5 * (3 N), Mabu Thermas 5 * (2 N), Pousada Refugio de Ilha 3 * (3 N), Pousada Olho D'Agua 3 * (2 N), Pousada Corsario Buzios 4 * (2 N) 5-6 persons. $3911 $5220 $3703
3-4 persons. $4135 $5444 $3927
2 persons. $4538 $5846 -
1 persons. - $7656 -

In cost it is usually included:        

  • accommodation in hotels according to the program;
  • transfers and excursions according to the program with the Russian-speaking guide and with the English-speaking guide in Pantanale and Bonito;
  • transfer of Rio de Janeiro – Parati – Rio de Janeiro with the driver.

It is in addition paid:

  • additional excursions;
  • internal flight of Rio de Janeiro – Iguazu – Campo Grande – Rio de Janeiro: from $1000;
  • food and drinks during moving.
Exotic of Brazil
Экзотика Бразилии
Экзотика Бразилии
Экзотика Бразилии
Экзотика Бразилии
Экзотика Бразилии


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