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Exclusive yachts

Эксклюзивные яхты
Rest on the yacht is your individual rest which you build, without submitting to the schedule, others desires, obligations!

Exclusive yachts

Rest on the yacht is your individual rest which you build, without submitting to the schedule, others desires, obligations!

Enjoy own freedom, open new measurements of your rest!

Instead of the ordinary and boredom - ease and freedom. Instead of the bothered hotels - the prompt magnificent comfortable house.

Instead of the beach - a set of islands with fine lagoons. To make habitable the wild island, and in several hours to have dinner at restaurant of the civilized coast. It is possible to travel all family, it is possible to arrange a meeting and negotiations with partners in business, it is possible to come off a civilization with close friends - we will organize your rest in strict accordance with your desires, and whims. We are guided by preferences of the customer and we follow this rule very strictly.

Onboard the yacht and ashore enjoy active or passive recreation, romantic dinners by candlelight and under the star sky. You will try national dishes in the smallest, but the best small restaurants to which the captain will point to you.

The yacht combines qualities of a prestigious comfortable country house (it is completely adapted for long life onboard), the car or even the plane (it is capable to bring with comfort you to the required area of the globe) and the work of art (as well as it, the good yacht is always unique and carries on itself a print of soul of the master).

It is difficult to imagine rest, than walk, healthier, closer to the nature, under sails.

Яхта Mamimo
Mamimo yacht

Lease of yachts

Which of us in the childhood did not dream of swimming to far-away countries! Who did not imagine approximately such romantic picture: you stand on the deck of the vessel, sea wind tenderly fingers your hair, salty splashes pleasantly refresh the excited body, and solar patches of light of brightly blue wave call afar to unknown lands which beauty and secrets you just about will reveal. This children's dream is quite feasible. We can organize for you lease of yachts and catamarans, we will help to develop interesting routes, following which you visit islands and resorts, full charms of ancient and modern history. You will be able to find lonely confidential bays at the small islands mislaid in waters of the Mediterranean. People are hospitable and simple there, and kitchen is nourishing and is fancy. Landscapes seem bright illustrations to magic fairy tales.


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