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Great Britain

The United Kingdom attracts tourists with the unique sights, unique culture and centuries of the put history for a long time. Good nature of the population, the surprising atmosphere, and also unique landscapes inspire travelers and force to return.

Fascinating rest in Great Britain – unique experience for tourists

In the tourist plan Great Britain is considered very developed part of Europe – here millions constantly go to feel the special atmosphere of the kingdom. Certainly, here is what to admire and to admire as each its component, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, possess with anything incomparable lines, unique sights and own aura.

For many the trip to the United Kingdom is significant the fact that during the travel it is possible to visit places with absolutely different traditions – the Scottish farmlands, the English refined estates, mysterious places of Wales and tiny Northern Ireland with own history.

Great Britain.

Rest in England - acquaintance

As experts note, tours to England and other parts of Great Britain are popular among travelers the historical, and also archaeological monuments which show the culture of the most various eras embodied in different types of art. For certain, for many the trip to England is the embodiment of an old dream, the cities of this part of the Kingdom are familiar practically to everyone. Among the most popular England tours by the most demanded the travel to the city of the Foggy Albion, London is considered. Legends of that how unusual the capital and its inhabitants is go.

Each tourist knows that rest in England are fascinating excursions on the known cities and their sights. Naturally, here not to do without walk across London with its magic streets and cathedrals – your dream will precisely come true here, and you will see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Daily thousands of guests go to watch the well-known Tower Bridge and Gothic Westminster abbey where governors of the Kingdom are buried.

It should be noted that those excursion programs which are assumed by rest in England surely include visits of the known apartment of Mr. Holmes by all that on Baker Street. Here admirers of creativity of Arthur Conan Doyle can get acquainted with how the author represented life of the hero Sherlock Holmes and to plunge into the world of detective stories. Besides, tourists also go to the world Museum Madame Tussauds where unsurpassed waxworks of celebrated personalities are presented.

It is impossible to imagine stay in London without shopping. Really, for many tourists the trip to England is, first of all, magnificent shops and huge shopping centers where it is possible to find qualitative and stylish things from the European producers.

England tours are not only trips to the city of the Queen, but also visit of many other sights of the country. The British fortress Lincoln, the campuses of Cambridge and Oxford, and also Stonehenge, unique place on Earth are the most popular.

Fascinating rest in Great Britain.


Not less fascinating is such rest in Great Britain as a trip to Scotland. This part of the Kingdom really bewitches tourists – its green meadows and naturalness in everything, and also unusual difference from her neighbor of England. In comparison with the developed cities of other parts of Great Britain, places of Scotland it is possible by the right to call wild and primitive. However here too it is possible to meet the large cities where the main part of the population of the country – Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow lives.

Traveling around Scotland, guests will visit numerous historical monuments which still testify to events of the past centuries. Naturally, each tourist, having appeared in this territory once, it is simply obliged to go to the legendary lake Loch Ness and to find there the monster for years living under water. Scotland is a variety of landscapes whom not to meet in other parts of Great Britain. Only here it is possible to observe how mountain landscapes are replaced by fields behind which horizon is carefully hidden by the dense woods.

Travel across Wales

Residents of Great Britain consider that the most ideal place for tourism is Wales. This part of the Kingdom is richest with locks, fortresses and other monuments history. Here it is possible to visit the National historical museum of Saint-Feygens where tourists learn about features of industrial development of this region. Besides, numerous national parks will leave a history mark thanks to which they will remember the trip in memory of travelers.

Landscapes of Northern Ireland

One more part of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, will be the ideal place for tourists who appreciate unique landscapes and the primitive nature. The sea, small small villages and slow, measured life inspire travelers. It will be very simple to guests to find here housing as, as well as hotels of England, small local hotels are always glad to lodgers.

Rest in England, the prices

If you are interested in individual tours to England, then by all means address by means of a feedback form (is below) for specification of information on the prices, on drawing up the program of rest and dates.

Great Britain

Great Britain

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