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In a northern part of Europe Zhemchuzhina of the Baltic States – Latvia is located. A lot of things unite this small country with Russia therefore tourists comfortably here feel and always find something interesting and new. Latvia has rich cultural and historical heritage, a set of locks, temples and ancient monuments and differs in the primitive nature.


Latvia is located in the northeast of Europe in the neighbourhood with Estonia in the north, Russia in the east both Belarus and Lithuania in the south, on the bank of the Baltic Sea. It is a peculiar bridge between the West and the East. For this reason Latvia incorporated traditions of a set of the countries surrounding it.

The capital of Latvia — Riga. The historic center of this beautiful capital – Vetsriga – is included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO. Here unique architectural monuments of the Middle Ages which transferred two world wars are concentrated.

Here speak the Latvian, Russian and German languages. Monetary unit – lat.
Latvia the green country with the many kilometers sandy beaches which are widely stretched by the woods and the untouched nature. It perfectly combines rural areas and the modern cities. In the country there are a lot of lakes, the deepest of which – the lake Drizda.

Riga, Latvia

The climate is much softer here, than in Russia and all four seasons are brightly expressed. There is no chilling frost in the winter, but you can enjoy fluffy snow and a bright sun. In spite of the fact that Latvia not the highland, there are enough steep slopes and here even more often there come fans of mountain skiing. The spring comes earlier – at the end of February, later – in April, but feeling of awakening of the nature, the blossoming gardens, singing of birds and a high water, do Latvia by the country also boating. The summer is solar, but not hot, perfectly is suitable for suntan and bathings on sandy beaches one hundred kilometers long. In the fall, as well as everywhere, there are rains, but the feeling of tranquility and harmony does not leave – the woods are painted in a set of flowers and shades, and migratory birds go to warm regions.


The main centers of tourism – Jurmala, a recreation area near Daugava and the lake of Latgale. A set of sanatoria, boarding houses and hotels provide good rest and comfort. But this country not only for beach rest. Here fans of measured outdoor recreation will perfectly feel, and the set of sights is available to the tourists interested in the historical party. Unique palaces, for example, the Rundalsky palace (near the city of Bausk) built in 1736-1740 on V. Rastrelli's project for the favourite Anna Ivanovna E. Biron remained. In the country of 4 national parks – Gauja (it is founded in 1973), Kemeri (1997), Sliter (1999) and Razna (2007). All of them will tell a lot of things and will show to the visitors.

In Latvia processing of skin, amber, woodcarving, an embroidery is developed.

Rundalsky palace, Latvia

Separately It is necessary to tell about the Latvian cuisine. The main place is taken by soups: dairy, grain, sweet. Beer soup is served with toasts from white loaf with cheese. In the country the dairy industry therefore surely it is worth trying puddings, mousses and kissels is developed. On a table you will always find vegetables, meat products, for preparation of national dishes use fish more often. In general the Latvian cuisine call simple and nourishing.

5 things which should be made in Latvia

1. To visit the fascinating competitions of racing drivers held on military base in Vaynodsa.

2. To sweep with a breeze on the last passenger narrow-gage railway in Latvia which is located between Aluksne and Gulbene.

3. To visit the huge fish pavilion of the Riga market.

4. To taste the most tasty Riga candies and spicy black balm in network of company shops "Laima" and "Latvijas Balzams".

5. To find in a labyrinth of the Riga small streets the well-known tavern in which d'Artagnan discussed plans of revenge to the cardinal with friends.

To get acquainted with Latvia closer and to carry out unforgettable rest near the house offers you "".


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