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Отдых в Малайзии
Beach rest in Malaysia – a popular type of family rest. The warm quiet sea, white sand, palm trees create idyll which promotes a relax, spiritual enrichment. And in search of an extreme, impressions it is possible to go in for mountaineering, tracking, diving, for this purpose there are all conditions.

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Rest in Malaysia – the exotic east fairy tale realized

Malaysia – the small country where eternal greens of the nature, tropical, almost equatorial climate where the coastal smooth surface of the South China Sea from strong winds and typhoons is protected by a pearl scattering of big and small islands dominate. Gulfs outline smooth, seeming infinite, the coastline painted by small sand in purely white color. Total length of the smart beach resort area of Malaysia about 5000 km.

The developed hotel infrastructure organically fits into a mountain and flat relief of the territory therefore rest in Malaysia combines the European level of hotel service and exotic of the Asian nature.

Rest in the capital of Malaysia

The multiethnic and multireligious state of Malaysia impresses vacationers with various cult religious constructions, and its capital – the city megalopolis of Kuala Lumpur – also an organic combination of high-rise buildings to ancient constructions. Along with the twin skyscrapers to 88 floors, a high television tower stunning with a modernist style architectural complexes of cultural entertainment complexes, trade and business centers in the megalopolis there are also green parks, reserved zones.

Having chosen capital rest in Malaysia, it is possible to visit the temple museum Sri Makhamariam, to surprise children with an excursion to the park under the collective name "Lake Garden" where in a complex exhibitions of birds, butterflies, orchids are presented.

Куала-Лумпур, Малайзия
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - rest as a hobby.

Rest on Malaysian islands

The hotels of Malaysia located on islands offer rest, lonely, remote from city bustle. The beach, potential of cultural and sports infrastructure of the chosen recreation area, restaurants, trips cruises on nearby islands, the continent, excursion ecotours are components of standard pastime. It is possible to choose also extreme ascensions on top of a mountain ridge Gunung-Takhan, visit of the huge reserve of Taman-Negar presenting the mysterious world of the jungle sounded by shouts of wild birds and animals, decorated exotic with flowers and butterflies.

If only beach rest in Malaysia is interesting, then the choice of the tour on the island Lagkavi which is famous for the Pantay-Tentakh beaches, to Tandzhung-R, a bay of Datay, Pantay-Chenang will be optimum. The island is water paradise. Washed by the Andaman Sea, it is rich also with the internal waters presented by the deep rivers which, laying a way on the mountain area, form numerous falls. The jungle of the island hides also true emerald color of the lake, thermal sources. Secrets of the sea are revealed by a local aquarium, offering on a review of inhabitants of the underwater world.

Остров Лангкави, Малайзия
Rest in Malaysia (on a photo the island of Langkawi).

Other island of Malaysia – Penang – is the port center connected by the biggest and architecturally unique bridge to the continent. The part of this island of Malaysia is the noisy and modern cultural industrial center. The hotels located here offer fascinating rest. The proximity of the airport, other traffic intersections allows to carry out rest more mobile, even the combined tours assuming visit, for example, of Singapore, Brunei are possible.

Interpenetration of cultures is hushed very up in architectural constructions of Malaysia. So, on the same island Penang it is possible to find ancient Chinese temples, the most known of them is the wooden cult construction professing worship of the Dragon of mountains. There are both Burmese, and Thai chapels.

Many tourists are not afraid to enter also the temple of Snakes which is very simple to recognizing by a large number of the poisonous beings this hissing, rustling and hanging down from altars. They are not dangerous to people as they are drugged by the aromas smoldering in temple censers. In a row similar Asian exotic also crocodile farms which are also open for visit enter.

Остров Пенанг, Малайзия
Beach rest in Malaysia (on a photo the Island Penang).
Island of Borneo

On the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) two states of Malaysia which are also interesting resorts are located. The states Sabah and Saravak offer vacationers hotels for accommodation on the bank of the South China Sea, on coastal large islands, at the foot of high Mount Kinabalu, and also in basins of the large rivers.

Wherever there was a hotel, all the same rest will be accompanied by fascinating trips, by romantic dinners at restaurants of hotel complex, sports activities in the fitness centers, on volleyball courts in gyms, by bathings in pools, and also by tastings of refined wines, dishes of local color. 

The offered tours to Malaysia will be suitable also for fans of quiet family rest, and for the active persons aspiring to visit a large number of the Asian cities which are famous around the world for unique sights for one combined tour. The sandy white beaches which are treated kindly by the warm quiet sea remain a highlight of Malaysian rest steadily.

Rest in Malaysia


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