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Carry out rest on the island of Mauritius and have a surprising opportunity to admire wonderful landscapes of the island, to sunbathe on sandy beaches, to be bought in the warm sea, to get healthier in elite day spa, to participate in deep-water fishing, to admire sights.

Rest on Mauritius – a unique opportunity to visit earthly paradise

The island of Mauritius quite deservedly is considered one of the best elite resorts of the world. Those who had to have a rest here, claim that the pacifying atmosphere of a skeleton does it by really heavenly spot. Tourists are given an opportunity to enjoy pictures of the unique tropical landscape creating feeling of unreality and fabulousness of surrounding.

As the main source of the income of the Republic of Mauritius are cultivation of a sugar cane, production of textiles and tourism, the last also is under control of the state, and the government of the island seeks not to allow the catastrophic amount of growth of the tourist industry as it happened in other countries. Thanks to the policy pursued by the state, tours to Mauritius have good reputation of tours of "the exclusive direction" which are not comparable with routes of mass tourism.

The travelers visiting Mauritius are attracted by magnificent tropical landscapes, the majestic massif, gold sandy beaches, picturesque falls and extinct volcanoes, steep rocks and thickets of coconut palm trees, richness of a plant and animal life. It should be noted that all delights of the resort would seem incomplete without its radical inhabitants differing in courtesy, refinement and courtesy. Though official language of the republic is English, but almost all inhabitants know also French and Creole languages.

Island of Mauritius: the prices justify the services rendered at the highest level.

The Republic of Mauritius – the state island

The general territory of the islands of Mauritius belonging to the state, Agalega, Rodriguez and the archipelago Kardagos-Karakhos makes about 2045 The biggest of them, Mauritius, is located in 800 km from Madagascar. Around it picturesque uninhabited islands are scattered. All coastline is the beach zone protected by coral reeves, the exception makes only the southern coast on which forgotten beaches were stretched. A northern part of the island – the territory of wonderful blue lakes and mysterious craters of extinct volcanoes. On Mauritius the state capital – the city of Port Louis is located.

The island extremely favourably – in the southeast from Africa, in a southwest part of the Indian Ocean, in a zone of influence of sea subtropical climate is located. Lack of sharp difference of winter and summer temperatures grants the right to consider rest on the island of Mauritius the year-round direction. Summer air temperature fluctuates ranging from 23 to 33 degrees, here in the winter – from 17 to 23. Clear split into dry and damp seasons is not observed. It is necessary to remind that the summer on the island lasts from November to April therefore to the residents of the northern countries tired of frosts and winter bad weather, it is the best of all to make tours to Mauritius in November – January. Tourists have an opportunity to luxuriate on the beach all the year round – water temperature at coast of the resort keeps within +20 - 26 degrees at all seasons of the year.

Fantastic rest on the island of Mauritius.

Features of rest on Mauritius

Despite some remoteness, the island enjoys wide popularity of the European tourists, it is, along with Seychelles and the Maldives, one of the most beautiful resorts. Tourists are hospitably met by hotels of Mauritius, both four-stars, and hotels on more reasonable prices. Irrespective of accommodation cost services are rendered to lodgers at the highest level here.

Though the island small, but contains in itself many different moments which will attract sincere interest of the most exacting and inquisitive traveler. Guests study the unique architecture of the capital created under the influence of different cultures. Different types of water entertainments, a campaign on the yacht under a sail, diving enjoy popularity. Hotels willingly organize for fans of active recreation deep-water fishing on a barracuda, a marlin, a tuna.

Rest on the island of Mauritius.

The most popular sights of the resort

The main sights of Mauritius consider the river of the Dragon, Lulu's lake, the wood of Acacias, the mountain the Chick. Tourists willingly visit Botanical gardens, the natural Domaine Les Pailles park, the Park of the Black River which is the national reserve. Visit of the island Rodriguez or Bel Maher's beach which grew with kazuariya will seem to not less romantic. And still rest on Mauritius is a visit world famous of a Spa centers which are in the most popular hotels. Everyone can be influenced by improving action of thalassotherapy, or sea therapy, hydrotherapy, a balneoterapiya, the anti-cellulite Creole massage which is carried out by bamboo sticks. The structure of a Spa services, rendered on the island, also includes treatment by fresh, mineral and salty dirt, sea salt and clay, sedimentary breeds and coastal silt.

Rest Mauritius, prices: tours to Mauritius will allow you to plunge into unforgettable romanticism of the island. Hospitable and hospitable Mauritius waits for you.

lake of Mauritius


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