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Myanmar (Burma)

Мьянма (Бирма)
Even in a name of the unique Asian country of Myanmar the ethnic shades allowing to feel its true spirit are heard. Rest in Myanmar is the richness of the nature, crystal air of mountains, a sea cool, ancient pagodas and temples filling soul with rest and the updated energy of life.

Rest in Myanmar – a true treasury of ancient monuments of culture

To the West from India and Bangladesh, from the East from Laos and Thailand, on border with China the small Asian country of 678 thousand was located. Already only one its name Myanmar bewitches travelers monoethnic shades of the sounding.

However, a name – not the only advantage capable to make rest in Myanmar earlier known as the state of Burma, really unforgettable. Coasts attract quiet beach rest and an opportunity to fall to sea depths, to see the rich and various underwater world. Fine mountain landscapes suggest tourists to go to foot walk, to admire beauty of the nature and teaks rare today which wood is considered one of the most valuable. Among hillsides the magnificent mountain lake Inle in which center the Monastery of the Jumping cats where and until now six monks live is built on piles was stretched. And, of course, Burma is the real treasure for fans of ancient sights and monuments of culture.

Not incidentally Myanmar is known as "The gold country". Only one gold pagodas about three thousand are built here. On an equal basis with that, rest in Burma allows to get acquainted with a set of other constructions built by inhabitants of ancient civilizations. Many of them also until now are considered as the holy sites for Buddhist pilgrims.

(Myanmar) Burma, rest really unforgettable!
Capital sights

The capital of Myanmar is the relatively young city of Yangon founded in the middle of the eighteenth century today. Burmans call it "the East garden". Honestly, in this city which is buried in verdure, a set of artificial ponds and natural lakes. The main sight of the city and all state of Burma, the gold mortar Shvedagon constructed two and a half thousand years ago is. Decorated with gold plates and thousands of diamonds, it became famous for the fact that Buddha's hair are stored in it. Near this sparkling hundred-meter structure thousands of pilgrims daily gather. Strike also the sizes of the huge sculpture of Buddha of 55 meters created over one thousand years ago. Among other sights of Sulla-pagoda, royal lakes Inya and Kandodzhi overgrown with lotuses and, of course, the well-known hotel Strand Hotel with its colonial architecture offering magnificent rest

The cultural center – the city of Mandalay

The reputation of the cultural center of the country was deservedly received by the city of Mandalay. This big and quite noisy settlement is surrounded with the wide channel with four bridges. On the big mountain over the city the Mandalay Is Sickly temple complex is built. Ladder galleries hide thousands of steps conducting to hill top from where the magnificent panorama opens.

The special attention is required by the improbable temple of Makhamuni. Here too towers four-meter bronze Buddha's sculpture which according to the legend was molded from the original. This statue strikes not so much with the sizes, how many a set of layers of the gold petals covering it. Entering the temple, each pilgrim gets the thinnest plates of gold and applies them on a statue. Annually thickness of such cover increases by 15 cm so it is necessary monks times to clean a statue.

In the neighboring temple covered with mirror crocks the various souvenir products are offered: small bronze figures of Buddha, a hand-made article from a teak. The set of monasteries and temples is located in the antique towns of Sagainge and Ave which are near Mandalay.

Myanmar, rest - richness of the nature, crystal air of mountains, a sea cool.
The abandoned city of temples Bagan

Coming to rest to Myanmar, surely it is necessary to visit the abandoned city of Bagan. Here where really infinite number of temples, unique on architecture. They are built from the most various materials: limestone, sandstone, marble. Structures meet adits and tiles. Walls of the temple of Tilminlo, the highest structure of Bagan reaching 50 meters are decorated with a unique carving. Anand's temple stores, according to the legend, prints of feet of Buddha. The temple of Gubyaukgyi became famous for wall images of life of a deity. And it is possible to receive a charge of vital power at top of an extinct volcano – Pop's grief, near a tomb – monastery of ancient spirits of Burmans. It is possible to reach this sacred place, having climbed 777 steps of an abrupt ladder.

It is impossible to list all sacred structures of Burma and to describe their features. However, getting tours to Myanmar, there is a unique opportunity with own eyes to see at least some of them. We offer informative travel in the most outstanding places of the country. And the combined programs will allow to combine beach and mountain rest with excursion visits of ancient temples and quite modern sights: Museum of precious stones, Yagonsky zoo and other.

Myanmar (Burma)
Мьянма (Бирма)
Мьянма (Бирма)
Мьянма (Бирма)

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