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Do not miss the main international event in the world of a flamenco!

Не пропустите главное международное событие в мире фламенко!
Every two years the Spanish Seville plunges into the concerning flamenco rhythms – there takes place the International Biennial devoted to it dancing musically to the direction. In 2016 thousands of admirers of this style already began to gather in Andalusia during the period from September 9 to October 2. Weather in Spain pleases tourists at this time, and from passionate and incendiary rhythms becomes really hot!

Streets of multi-color and bright Seville already turned into the real theater under the open sky, with dance floors, theatrical performances, prime ministers and master classes from the best masters of the planet dancing a flamenco.

For the first time the biennial on a flamenco was held in the capital of the Spanish Andalusia in 1980 and took place since then already 18 times. This time organizers promised to surprise guests of an exhibition, having shown not only traditional styles, but also having designated more risky, vanguard and experimental directions of a flamenco.

Each new festival of a flamenco visits more and more professionals who connected the life with a scene and fans from all continents of the planet. By the biennial the city administration organizing additional actions – exhibitions supports, conferences, meetings with eminent masters and the famous actors.

Visit of the biennial can be combined with rest in Spain and an excursion tour to local sights. Write or call us, and we will choose for you the suitable program!

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