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The Netherlands is the country of tulips and windmills, fine locks, the ancient cities, the museums and original landscapes. The Netherlands is truly the cosmopolitan state where free customs reign; the country of contrasts where the architecture of last centuries adjoins to ultramodern buildings from glass and concrete.

General information:

The Netherlands is the country of tulips and windmills, fine locks, the ancient cities, the museums and original landscapes. The Netherlands is truly the cosmopolitan state where free customs reign; the country of contrasts where the architecture of last centuries adjoins to ultramodern buildings from glass and concrete.

The largest cities of the country - Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht.

Population: 15,8 million people

State system: constitutional monarchy

Capital: Amsterdam, but the government is located in the Hague.

Nature and geography:

The Netherlands - the state located in Western Europe. It borders on Germany and Belgium and is washed by the North Sea (coastline length - 451 km). Also Caribbean island of Aruba (it has a special status) and the Netherlands Antilles is a part of the Kingdom Netherlands. The total area of the European part - 41526 square kilometers.

In the Netherlands only southwest territories have a hilly relief, other area is below sea-level. The flat lowland was formed in the delta of the rivers of Schild, Maas and Rhine. Numerous dunes created the coastline, and polder - the lands won from the sea - are protected by dams from flooding.


The Netherlands is located on the sea coast therefore climate in general moderate, but damp, cool summer and quite soft winter. Average winter temperature - 2 degrees, summer - 18 degrees. Rainfall is more or less uniform during the whole year, norm - 800 mm a year. Even in warm weather can become cold because of the winds blowing from the sea.

The best time for visit of Holland, of course, spring when in all the magnificence tulips and narcissuses blossom. It is better to get on the bicycle or the car in the summer and to go to a small travel over the country. In the fall and in the winter here happens enough damp and it is windy, but for this purpose and thought up cozy pubs and cafe that in the warm friendly atmosphere to spend rainy evening. This season is twice attractive: crowds of tourists do not surround a sight from all directions and hotels considerably become cheaper.

Cuisine of the Netherlands:

It is impossible to call traditional Dutch dishes refined, but they are not deprived of originality. Taste the Dutch meat pies, cheese or jam, and tasty local beer. Do not forget about the well-known Dutch cheeses and chocolate.

The cuisine of the Netherlands was exposed to influence Malaysian (Malaysia was colony of the Netherlands in due time) therefore here it is even possible to find dishes, traditional for Malaysia, in the Chinese restaurants.

National holidays in Holland:

  • January 1 - New Year
  • The end of March - the beginning of April (depending on a year) - Easter, Good Friday
  • April 30 - Birthday of the Queen
  • May 1 - Labor Day
  • On May 4 - day of remembrance Fallen in World War II
  • May 5 - Victory Day, Rise
  • December 25 - Christmas


Entry into Benelux countries requires execution of the Schengen visa

In more detail about execution of the visa.


Central European, lags behind from Moscow for 2 hours.

Flight duration:

Moscow-Amsterdam: ~ 3 hours 20 minutes


Monetary unit: euro.

IMPORTANT! To cash payment in most shops notes of EUR 500 are not accepted. It is necessary to think in advance of exchange of these notes on notes of smaller advantage.

The cash can be exchanged in banks and post offices. The most favorable rate of exchange in the Netherlands in GWK bank (a red sign). In Amsterdam – in the building of hotel Swissotel, Damrak 96 (near Dam Square).

Customs control:

It is possible to import into the Netherlands duty-free no more than 200 cigarettes, either 100 small cigars, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco; 1 liters of alcoholic beverages with a strength over 22% or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with a strength up to 22%; to 250 milliliters of toilet water; 500 grams of coffee, 100 grams of tea.


Fixed assets of transport – buses and trams. It is also convenient to travel around Benelux countries thanks to an extensive network iron and highways. It is possible to use the subway in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and Antwerp.

Payment of public transport (the subway, the tram, the bus) is carried out by means of uniform cards: Strippenkart (стрипенкарт) – the Netherlands, Lijn (line) – Belgium. In Amsterdam practically all hotels are located in the 1st transport zone. On one trip on 1 person it is necessary to punch 2 strips (at the conductor, the driver or in the special automatic machine of yellow color installed in salon or at an entrance on the metro station). After a composting of a card it is possible to move within the paid zone within one hour on all types of public transport and to do any number of changes.
Hotels Novotel, Mercure a/d Amstel, Belfort, Nieuw Slotania and some other are located in the 2nd transport zone, therefore, to reach from these hotels the downtown, it is necessary to punch 3 strips. Public transport in Amsterdam works till 24:00. At night special buses with the increased interval go. Single trips are paid at the conductor or the driver, for payment of a trip by the subway – in the automatic machine at an entrance on the station.

To reach from the airport the city conveniently by train: from the airport Skhipkhol (Amsterdam) – to the Central strantion (Centraal Station Amsterdam) – time in a way of 15 min.; from the airport Zaventem to the Northern station (Gare du Nord) – time in a way of 15 min., to the station of Gare du Midi – 25 min.

From Amsterdam it is also convenient to reach Brussels by train. On the trains Intercity tickets are on sale without indication of the place. Tickets with the indication of the place act on the high-speed trains Thalys and ICE, on some trains during the periods of increase in demand preliminary reservation is necessary. Trip time from Amsterdam to Brussels – to about 2 h is 40 min., from Brussels to Paris – 1 h is 20 min. old by high-speed train.

Useful phones:

Consular services

The consulate of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands is located at in the Hague Laan van Meerdervoort, 1 2517 AA Den Haag, Nederland. Ph. (31-70)3646473.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgium is located at 66, av. de Fre, 1180, Bruxelles, Belgique. Ph. 32-2-374-3569, 375-9121.

Consulate general in Antwerp - Della Faillelaan 20, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgique, 32-3-829-1611




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