Новогодние сюрпризы от отелей знаменитых сетей Banyan Tree и Angsana 03.11.2016

New Year's surprises from hotels of the well-known networks Banyan Tree and Angsana

New Year's vacation at school of sorcery and magic Hogwarts, a meeting with natatorial Santa Claus and improbable selfies in depths oceans...

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В московском Four Seasons 5* состоится Благотворительный Гала-вечер 06.10.2016

In the Moscow Four Seasons 5 * Charitable Gala evening will be held

On October 23 in magnificent Moscow hotel Four Seasons 5 * the third Charitable Gala evening with the participation of the Russian stars of the first magnitude will be held.

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Рождественские рынки в Вене откроются в середине ноября 04.10.2016

The Christmas markets in Vienna will open in the middle of November

The well-known Christmas markets in Vienna became the hallmark of the city for a long time, and every year bring together tens of thousands of tourists.

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Эксклюзивный кругосветный круиз стартует в январе 2017 года 21.09.2016

The exclusive round-the-world cruise starts in January, 2017

Cruise the Website SilverSea reserves places on the Silver Whisper liner which goes to a round-the-world travel on January 6, 2017.

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В Японии открылся парк развлечений Robot Kingdom 18.09.2016

In Japan the amusement park of Robot Kingdom opened

To make friends with robots, to get acquainted with the most modern developments in the sphere of robotics and most to try to operate different droids it is possible, having visited the Japanese prefecture of Nagasaki.

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Не пропустите главное международное событие в мире фламенко! 14.09.2016

Do not miss the main international event in the world of a flamenco!

Every two years the Spanish Seville plunges into the concerning flamenco rhythms – there takes place the International Biennial devoted to it dancing musically to the direction.

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Туры для ценителей ландшафтного дизайна 25.08.2016

Tours for judges of landscaping

On our website the new section – Landscape tours appeared.

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В Мексику на День мертвых 18.08.2016

To Mexico on the date of the dead

On November 1 and 2, 2016 in Mexico, by tradition, there will take place one of the brightest and original holidays of this country – Day of the dead or Día de Muertos.

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Парк развлечений Dubai Parks and Resorts откроет двери в октябре 12.08.2016

The amusement park of Dubai Parks and Resorts will open doors in October

In October, 2016 in Dubai the amusement park of Dubai Parks and Resorts will open.

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В России начинают строить круизные суда 21.07.2016

Russia begins to build cruise vessels

In 2016 on the Russian shipyards construction of the first river cruise motor ship of the new PV300VD project will begin.

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Цветочная симфония на Лазурном берегу 20.07.2016

The flower symphony in French riviera

"The flower symphony" (La symphonie des fleurs), one of the most tremendous actions of the French Riviera, this year will pass on August 17.

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Яркие летние события Франции 11.07.2016

Bright summer events of France

In the summer in regions of France numerous festivals, city holidays and sporting events are traditionally spent.

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Продажа туров в Турцию официально разрешена 02.07.2016

Sale of tours to Turkey is officially allowed

On the official site of the Kremlin there was a message on cancellation of the restrictions connected with sale of tours to Turkey.

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Летние события Фландрии 28.06.2016

Summer events of Flanders

The summer period in Flanders by tradition is saturated a set of interesting events: city holidays, fashionable displays, colourful festivals and thematic weekend for gourmets.

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