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The best rest in Portugal

Лучший отдых в Португалии
Portugal – one of the most beautiful and amazing European countries nice for the history, the nature, sights. Here it is possible to find really various entertainments, to select interesting tours and to receive the sea of pleasure from rest.

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Many-sided Portugal: country of pleasures

If you want to spend a vacation in the beautiful and hospitable European country, then various and just the best rest for certain will interest you in Portugal. One of the main advantages is ecological purity of the region that does such popular rest in Portugal.

Extent of the Portuguese coast contains 850 kilometers. It is possible to choose the beach for every taste:

The northern part of the country – a combination of mountains, the ocean and the woods creates ideal romantic mood. Sandy beaches alternate with small bays as if created for appointments of lovers, and freshness of air invigorates and gives forces.

Near Lisbon you are waited by brisk and populous beaches which are well-known on the whole world. Here it is possible to meet tourists from all continents which arrived behind bright impressions.

It is worth mentioning separately Algarvi – the extent of the coastline of resort paradise makes hundred fifty kilometers, it is possible to call these places safely created for rest. The best hotels, entertainments, bright sun and clear water. It is possible to find options for rest in Portugal with children in this region.

Near the island Berlenga it is possible to find places for water sports – this corner is chosen by surfers, windsurfers and divers.

Fans of exotic will want to visit fishing small villages in which it is possible not only to see as there live local fishers, but also to try the freshest sea gifts.

Пляжи Португалии
Beaches of Portugal

The most interesting cities of Portugal

Lisbon – the capital of the country, is founded about three thousand years ago. In 1755 endured an earthquake, it was restored from ruins. Magnificent architecture, set of monuments, palaces, cathedrals. The largest Oceanarium in Europe, zoo, funicular, survey platform (120 m). Hotels - Avenida Palace 5 *, Corinthia Alfa 5 *, Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa 5*.

Porto – the second large city, business and commercial center of the country. Since 1996 it is considered world property. What is remarkable, one of the most beautiful buildings is a building of the exchange. Excellent shopping, tasty kitchen at local restaurants and cafe, and of course, the well-known wine. Hotels - The Porto Palácio Congress 5 *, Tiara Park Atlantic 5 *, Infante do Sagres 5*.

Braga – this city is called "the Portuguese Rome". Religious, architectural monuments, devotion of inhabitants.

Headlight – the administrative center of Algarve. It is not so popular as resorts, but, undoubtedly, it is cozy and beautiful. The special attention is deserved by a tremendous show of hundreds of flamingos stopping in vicinities during migration.

Evora – the city is a part of world heritage of UNESCO. Set of architectural ancient monuments, festivals, restaurants, cozy and beautiful small streets.

Sintra - this city is announced by UNESCO world property. The Mauritian fortress, royal palaces, aristocratic estates competing in fancifulness of gardens and parks. The place about which Byron in the novel "Chayld Harold" wrote: "This nice paradise on the earth".

Лиссабон, Португалия
Lisbon, Portugal
The best resorts in which Portugal provides rest on the highest class

To Algarva – the most popular region of the country, favourite fans of beach rest. Season: April-October. Zoomarin's park show, ample opportunities of active recreation (diving, equestrian sport, big tennis, etc.), attractions, aquaparks, fishing. Dom Pedro Golf 5 hotels *, Ampalius 4*.

Curia – the improving resort. Hot springs are curative for joints, a metabolism. It is pleasant that not only Portugal is capable to offer beach summer holiday to vacationers, but also full improvement.

The Lisbon Riviera

The coast of Lisbon begins with the town Carcavelos, in 15 km to the west from the downtown, and extends to the beach to Guincho.

The glory of the Lisbon Riviera was gained by the resorts of Estoril and Cascais. It is less known, but the coast of Costa Azul to the South from the Portuguese capital is so picturesque.

Kashkaysh – near Lisbon. Season: May-September. Beach rest, historical and cultural sights, excellent hotels (from inexpensive to smart). Hotels - Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa 5 *, Farol Design Hotel 5 *, The Albatroz Group Hotels 5*.

Estoril – the resort with excellent climate located near Lisbon. Vacation spot of the European nobility. Estoril Eden 4 hotels *, Palacio Estoril 5*.

Rest in Portugal on islands

The island of Madeira – a season: all the year round. Aquapark, botanical garden, the most beautiful nature. Hotels - Choupana Hills Resort 5 *, Madeira Regency Cliff 4 *, Pestana Carlton Madeira 5*.

The Azores – active recreation, foot walks, picturesque types, and also excellent kitchen. Hotels - Bahia Suite Palace 4 *, Caloura Resort 4 *

Остров Мадейра, Португалия
Island of Madeira, Portugal

You can choose already ready Portugal tour or make the individual plan of visit of the country. Thanks to features of climate it can be as rest in Portugal in the summer, and in any other season. You are waited by the most beautiful cities with a set of monuments of culture, religion, history, architecture, the best European amusement parks, masterpieces of world art, carnivals, active recreation, various options of family rest (including rest in Portugal with children) … Be sure, the trip to Portugal will leave nobody indifferent!

The best rest in Portugal


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