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Travel to heart of Brazil: ocean and wild jungle

Путешествие в сердце Бразилии: океан и дикие джунгли
Active recreation at the ocean in one of the unusual, bright and picturesque cities of the world, an expedition to heart of the wild jungle, – all this Brazil will present incendiary musical rhythms and excursions to sights known to any inhabitant of the planet to travelers. During the tour we suggest you to visit three cities with impressive architecture and the original nature – Rio de Janeiro, San Luis and Manaus. Each tourist will surely estimate this rest sated with impressions and opening.

Travel to heart of Brazil: ocean and wild jungle

Tour duration: 9 days / 8 nights.

Tour route: Rio de Janeiro – San Luis – Manaus.

Dates of arrival: any.

Air flight: it is not included.

Standard program of a tour

Day 1. Rio de Janeiro

Arrival in the Rio de Janeiro airport. You the Russian-speaking guide will meet and will help to accustom. A transfer and settling in hotel.

If you decided to live in one of beach hotels at Guanabar's bay, then from number windows you will be able to estimate all delights of the megalopolis on the ocean coast at once: blue waves and blue of the sky, rock and gulfs, numerous beaches and islands. Rio, though is not the largest city of Brazil (São Paulo, for example, surpasses it by the sizes), rightfully carries a rank of one of the most beautiful corners of the globe. Popular and fashionable local beaches are Copacabana, Le Blond and, of course, Ipanema from the world famous embankment from a black and white tile.

Fans of active recreation will be delighted with Rio de Janeiro, comfortable conditions for tennis, rafting, golf, windsurfing and hand gliding are created here. Having got excited on the beach, you will be able always to satisfy thirst in cozy open cafes directly on the ocean coast. There will surely offer you coconut or mineral water, freshly squeezed juice or something is stronger. Nearly an every evening beaches turn into platforms for festivals and performances of popular groups and performers of the most different musical genres.

Day 2. Rio de Janeiro

After a breakfast in hotel you are waited by a 6-hour fact-finding excursion across Rio de Janeiro. By mini-train you will go to the foot of the granite mountain Korkovado. The road to the highest point of the city lies through Tizhuk's wood. At its top there is a Rio symbol and all country in general – the 38-meter Christ the Redeemer statue. From there, from height of 800 meters above sea level, it is possible to examine not only all Rio, but also its vicinities. Throughout the program guests will visit the downtown and will try national Brazilian dishes at restaurant.

Soon after travelers waits for rise on the funicular on the mountain the Sugar head. From height of one of the best survey platforms of Brazil the view of Rio de Janeiro, its beaches and sights opens. After that it is possible to visit exotic restaurant and to taste local dishes and wines (the cost – $90 is paid in addition). Besides, in an institution it is possible to see a variety show in folklore style and a show of mulattos well-known for the incendiary rhythms of the Brazilian samba. At the end of the day of tourists sated with excursions will bring back to hotel.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 3. Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast in hotel. After directly the hotel will be approached by the capacious SUV, and you will go together with the Russian-speaking guide to the fascinating jeep tour on the most extensive in the world to the city wood of Tizhuk. Contrast of the megalopolis and the wild jungle makes a surprising impression.

It will be surely stopped on the observation deck at east style which in Brazil call Chinese. Once it was constructed by guests from Macau, and from its height it is possible to see popular beaches Ipanema and Copacabana, the gulf Guanabara and the mountain the Sugar head. Near the Monkeys falls you will be able to take the refreshing baths and to walk on the jungle, considering amusing idlers, exotic monkeys and rare species of plants. On the way to hotel the jeep will bring tourists to Pepino's beach where it will be possible to enjoy flights of hang-gliders over ocean waves.

Day 4. Rio de Janeiro – San Luis

In the morning flight to San Luis will be organized. At the airport you will be met by the Russian-speaking guide, and the 3-hour survey tour across the city will begin after a while. On this trip you will be accompanied by the English-speaking guide.

San Luis is an industrial center of the country and the capital of the State of Maranhão, there is on the peninsula between bays San José and San Markus. In the city the whole quarters of colonial building of the 17th century remained. The majority of buildings and fountains are built by feudal lords who grew up cotton on local plantations. All city facades are trimmed by the tile brought from France, Germany and Portugal. In San Luis more than 3500 monuments of architecture therefore it is recognized as "Cultural heritage of mankind" are registered and is under protection of UNESCO.

Day 5. San Luis

Breakfast in hotel and a trip to Barreynas. The road will take a little more than 3 hours. On the place the English-speaking guide will accompany you in National park Maranyenses.

There to a look of tourists the uncountable number of crystal-clear lakes with fresh water and the unique dunes which got lost among them from sand which height reaches 40 meters will appear. In this extensive territory in 1000 of square kilometers during a rainy season drops out in several hundreds times more of rainfall, than in the world's largest desert. Rain water gathers between barkhans and forms the unusual and bewitching the beauty landscape, because of it national park and nicknamed "Sheets of Maranhão".

San Luis, Brazil

Day 6. San Luis

This day accompanied by the English-speaking guide you sweep on the boat down the river of Preguis. During the excursion the vessel will stop that tourists could observe amusing monkeys-vassouras who are called still "small мараньяо". The boat will take you in Mandrakara where it is possible to examine a local beacon and vicinities, and a bit later – on Kabure's braid separating to Preguis from the ocean. In the evening you are waited by the return transfer in hotel of San Luis.

Day 7. San Luis – Manaus

After a breakfast for all group of travelers the transfer in the airport and flight to Manaus will be organized. There you will be will met and led to hotel by the English-speaking guide. Free time this day can be spent on studying of a city architecture which is located near the real rainforests. Walk on streets and acquaintance to customs of locals will not take a lot of time, but will leave surprisingly bright impressions.

Day 8. Manaus

Day will present to travelers extreme entertainments: walk across Amazon also I catch piranhas by means of a special rod directly from a boat board. On this trip of participants of a tour the guide with knowledge of English will accompany. In one of Indian villages you will closer get acquainted with life and traditions of aboriginals of Amazonia. Its visit includes also walk in the woods with studying of the local nature. The guide will open for you survival secrets in the wild jungle and will teach to distinguish edible exotic plants from poisonous. Each tourist will be able to try firing by the poisoned archers.

Day 9. Manaus

Breakfast and release of the hotel room, transfer in the airport accompanied by the guide, the international flight.

Manaus, Brazil

The approximate cost of a tour on the person in US dollars:

Hotels Number of people in group Double room Single room Triple room
Hotels 3-4 *
Majestic 3 *, Pestana Sao Luis 5 *, Pousada do Buriti 3 *, Amazon Ecopark 4 * 5-6 persons. $2463 $3202 $2209
3-4 persons. $2542 $3281 $2288
2 persons. $2627 $3366 -
1 persons. - $3722 -
Hotels 4 *
Best Western Augustos Rio Copa 4 *, Pestana Sao Luis 5 *, Pousada do Buriti 3 *, Amazon Ecopark 4 * 5-6 persons. $2483 $3243 $2227
3-4 persons. $2562 $3322 $2305
2 persons. $2647 $3407 -
1 persons. - $3763 -
Hotels 4-5 *
Windsor Atlantica 5 *, Pestana Sao Luis 5 *, Pousada do Buriti 3 *, Amazon Ecopark 4 * 5-6 persons. $2720 $3716 $2424
3-4 persons. $2798 $3794 $2503
2 persons. $2883 $3879 -
1 persons. - $3722 -

In the cost of a tour it is usually included:

  • accommodation in hotels of the chosen category;
  • food according to the program;
  • transfers and excursions according to the program;
  • escort of the Russian-or English-speaking guide.

It is in addition paid:

  • international flight;
  • internal flights;
  • insurance;
  • tip;
  • personal expenses.
Travel to heart of Brazil: ocean and wild jungle
Путешествие в сердце Бразилии: океан и дикие джунгли
Путешествие в сердце Бразилии: океан и дикие джунгли
Путешествие в сердце Бразилии: океан и дикие джунгли


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