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The commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Common-wealth of Northern Mariana Islands) – the state in Micronesia, in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, occupies the most part of the Mariana Islands (14 of 15 islands, the 15th – Guam – the territory belonging to the USA).


General information:

Islands form two chains – northern and southern, stretched almost on 645 km from the North on the South. The majority of islands of a northern chain – the volcanic cones up to 965 m high towering over water some of which are still active. The southern chain – coral and volcanic islands. The largest islands: Saipan (120, 23 km in length and 8 km width), Tinian and Roth, the smallest – Faralyon de Medinilla, the area less than a half of square kilometer. The Mariana Archipelago differentiates the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea. To the East from islands - the Mariana hollow up to 11775 meters in depth, deepest in the world. The East side of the island of Saipan is the beginning of descent in the Mariana hollow. O. Saypan is brought in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the most constant round-the-clock and year-round temperature in the world: +27 degrees With, therefore on Saipan summer – 12 months in a year! At the beginning of April, 2004 to the island Managakha (in a lagoon of the island of Saipan) the rank "The Best Place for Swimming with a Mask and a Tube" (snorkeling) in time 21-st by Century Dive & Travel Awards at the International Fair of Sea Diving in Tokyo was given. The underwater cave of Grotto in the north of the island is announced by experts of diving (scuba diving) on the 2nd place in the world on the beauty and complexity.


On the Mariana Islands there live about 70 thousand people. The local population consists of Micronesias-chamorro (30%), and also natives from other islands of Micronesia (8%) and the Caroline Islands (5%). On islands there are a lot of Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos and Chinese.


Administrative center – Сусупи (on the island of Saipan).


Advances Moscow for 6 hours in summertime and for 7 hours – in winter.


US dollar (USD) to equal 100 cents. Notes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars, and also coins are in circulation: penny (1 cent), nickel (5 cents), dime (10 cents), quarter (25 cents), half-dollar (50 cents) and 1 dollar. Traveler's checks of travelers in US dollars are accepted practically everywhere, except the most remote islands. Visit of banks at the same time is absolutely optional as most hotels, restaurants and big shops accept them as cash. There are commercial banks on the islands of Saipan, Roth and Tinian. On other islands it is necessary to have with itself enough cash for payment of goods and services. It to treat also lease of boats and yachts, and also for payment services of guides or conductors. The main credit cards (especially Mastercard and Visa) also accept for payment in most hotels, restaurants, automobile agencies and diving centers on Saipan and Roth.

Сайпан, Марианские острова
Saipan, Mariana Islands

Official language:

English (official), is also widely used language чаморро and Carolinian adverbs. And Korean speak Japanese in most hotels, and in some shops - Philippine and Chinese.


Roman Catholic Christianity, local religions and cults.


Tropical passatny. A dry season from December to July - the best time for visit of the Northern Mariana Islands. A damp season from July to November. Average humidity of 82%. Average distemper of sea water – 25 degrees Celsius. The tourist season is open all the year round.

Schedule of work of institutions:

Shops are open from 10:00 till 22:00, grocery – from 8:00 till 23:00. Banks work with clients till 15:00, Monday through Friday. Most restaurants bars and clubs till 02:00 after midnight are open till 22:00, and.

Cars for hire:

The average cost of rent – 80 dollars a day.


On all manned islands – Saipan, Tiniana and Roth, there are airports with the terminals equipped with the modern equipment. To services of tourists – numerous bureaus of car rental, motor scooters and bicycles, and also a taxi.


For entrance on the lake of Saipan it is necessary to issue permission. It is given by Immigration service of Saipan, so-called VEP (Visitor Entry Permit), for single entrance. Period of validity of this entry visa – 30 days from the date of delivery. VEP at most in 7-10 working days after giving of inquiry is registered from hotel or tour agency. The copy of the international passport which period of validity – not less than 60 days before entry into the country has to be provided for registration of VEP. If documents are filed less, than one week prior to arrival on the lake of Saipan, the immigration department raises collecting of USD 100 for execution of the invitation to each tourist.


Import and export of national and foreign currency is not limited. To import cash, traveler's checks and settlement cards it is possible any sums. It is only a sums required to declare more than USD 10 000. When importing gold the declaration is obligatory. Objects of private use are not assessed with duty. For import to the country perishable goods (meat, vegetables, fruit and other foodstuff), more than 3 bottles of alcohol, weapon, drugs are forbidden. Export of corals and other local sea inhabitants is forbidden.


The prices on the island established and it is not accepted to bargain. Tip is not obligatory, it is possible to leave at will if the rendered service was satisfactory. There is no established size of tip. Usually in bars and at restaurants foreign tourists, tip in the amount up to 5 - 10 USD, to maids or taxi drivers – for 1 USD.


All beaches on the island, before hotels inclusive, - public. On them it is forbidden to come around by car and to litter them. topless is not recommended to sunbathe.

Сайпан, Марианские острова
Saipan, Mariana Islands


"The hard rock of Cafe" restaurant of world renowned network is in the building Duty free. The huge guitar on the street a symbol of this network, will specify to you location of restaurant. Various dishes - house Nacho, the combined hamburgers, fried edges and a chicken, soups, fresh salads and tasty desserts, in the atmosphere of relics of a rock'n'roll and favourite music, do the Hard rock of Cafe by restaurant where it is necessary to visit. "Ty House" is in the southern part of Garapan and is very popular among locals and tourists. If you like the Thai kitchen, this place will please you with the Thai seafood. Vegetable rolls, rice and noodles. In lunch time the restaurant offers buffet (except Sunday). "The test оф India" the Only Indian restaurant on the island. The restaurant is conveniently located on Garapan Street. Сдесь it is possible to try exotic dishes with unfamiliar aroma of seasonings and unforgettable taste.


"Sango" is in Coral Ocean Point Resort Club hotel and offers Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is elegantly decorated in the Japanese style and attracts with the convenience, reasonable prices and a beautiful view of golf club fields. Kiraka is on Garapana, opposite Duty free. Here it is possible to try the well-known Japanese dishes – sushi, sashimi, noodles and other delicacies and seafood. Furusato is in Garapan's center and offers a set of the Japanese dishes. Shogun - the restaurant specializing in the Japanese and Korean cuisine. Here serve excellent sashimi from a tuna. Also will give you sheer pleasure to try crabs, a lobster or local boiled fish under hot spices. "Бенкай" - the restaurant differs in an easy situation, offers the menu and and and dinners in traditional Japanese style.


Rakuen is on Garapana, opposite Duty free. The menu of restaurant offers such known Korean dishes as bulgog (fried meat and edges) and kalb. If the reservation for a little table is made at least for an hour before visit, the restaurant will provide free transport from hotel. Hangkuwang is opposite to Grand Hotel hotel in the area Susup and specializes in traditional Korean cuisine. Here serve spicy mushrooms soup, a crab under soy marinade, sharp stewed fish, soy soup and other Korean dishes. Chingiva it is trimmed in traditional Korean style and can accept big groups. The restaurant is opposite to FIESTA Hotel hotel on Garapana.


Chayna House offers traditional Chinese dishes and seafood for reasonable price. The restaurant is capable to accept about 200 people that does it especially convenient for celebrations by a family or with friends. "Ming Oriental carpet". This restaurant is well-known that in recipes of its traditional Chinese dishes unique medicative herbs and seasonings according to recipes of 4000-year are used. "The Ming the Oriental carpet" promises taste of the real Chinese cuisine. It is located on Beach Road Street. "Jade Garden" is in FIESTA hotel and offers traditional Chinese dishes in an elegant and cozy situation. The restaurant is proud of level of service and quality of food.

Сайпан, Марианские острова
Saipan, Mariana Islands
  • Island of MANAGAHA (Managaha lsland). A small island in a lagoon of Saipan where high-speed boats will transport you in a few minutes. Luxuriate on white sand, get acquainted with a beautiful coral reef and the amazing underwater world around it. You will be able to bypass the island on foot in 20 - 30 minutes. To Managakh call "the Pearl of Saipan". At the International Fair of Sea Diving - 21st Century Dive& Travel Awards which took place in Tokyo at the beginning of April, 2004 to the island Managakha gave the rank "The Best Place for Swimming with a Mask and a Tube of This Year".

  • The island of Birds (BIRD ISLAND) - received the name because of the sea birds twisting here the nests. From the observation deck of this reserve the bewitching view of the small gulf with the sandy beach, the habitat of a white sea swallow, halcyon and sea turtles opens.

  • GROTTO (Grotto) Is the natural calcareous cave having an underwater exit in sapphire waters of the Pacific Ocean. Three underwater tunnels up to 15 meters in depth connect a cave with the high sea. The cave is similar to a razinuty mouth of a big whale. From the arch of a surface part of a cave the set of the stalactites formed in centuries under the influence of the sea hangs down. Coral formations outside of a cave - the fantastic world for any diver. The underwater cave of Grotto in the north of Saipan is announced by experts of diving (scuba diving) the second place in the world on the beauty. The Skin Diver magazine included Grotto in top ten places for diving in the world. On April 17, 1999 in a lagoon of the lake of Saipan the most mass diving was carried out - 215 scuba divers made immersion at the same time in the same place that was included as world achievement in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • The RUSSIAN DAYV the Bystraya Turtle CENTER is near Garapan. Here instructors of high qualification, for many years of work - any claim work! Training, according to the NAUI and PADI standards from the beginner to the professional with issue of the international certificate, fact-finding land and underwater tours, the latest equipment.

  • BANZAY-KLIF, Suisayd-Clif (Banzai Cliff, Suicide Cliff). The rock Banzai - Clif is at mountain Marpi top in the north of Saipan. From height of 249 m above sea level, from the rock the amazing view of the plateau at the bottom and the ocean opens. At the end of fight for Saipan not to be taken prisoner to Americans, the Japanese soldiers and the local Japanese population committed mass suicide here. People, jumping on rocks to the boiling sea, shouted "Banzai", giving the last honor to the emperor and imperial Japan. Today on this place the Buddhist statue and a memorial in memory is erected by the dead.

  • LAST COMMAND POST (Last Command Post). The last Japanese command post is near the Korean Memorial of the World. The post was constructed in a natural cave in the speaker the rock of the mountain Marpi. VMV left many marks in the form of guns, torpedoes, tanks here.

  • The Korean Memorial of the World (Korean Peace Memorial) - is in the area of the mountain Marpi in the North of Saipan. It was erected in 1981 in honor of the Korean women who were mobilized by the Japanese government for service of the Japanese military. Many women died without having waited for any payment.

  • BOTANICAL GARDEN of SAIPAN (Saipan Botanical Garden). In the Botanical Garden of Saipan in the territory of 30 000 sq.m. About 2000 species of tropical plants - from fruit till rare exotic flowers are presented. Here. During visit, you will be able to try a coco, a papaya, mango, avocado, a guava, star apple, citrus fruit. Fans of flowers will be inspired with the plants and trees blossoming all the year round. One of garden sights - green iguanas and tropical lizards.

  • GORE TAPOCHAO (Mt. Tapochao). Mountain Tapochao top - the most sublime point of the island. Its height is 473 m above sea level. The mountain holds an ascendent position in the center of the island. With Tapochao the circular panorama opens. From here it is possible to see all island at once and to like its beauty. At top the statue of Jesus Christ looking down on the island is erected. Mountain top - a fine film-making point for photographers.

  • AMERICAN MEMORIAL PARK (American Memorial Park). The park was open in 1994 in honor of 3 000 American soldiers who were killed in battles for Saipan and Tinian during VMV. But it not only memorial complex, park also venue of island holidays and active recreation. Here it is possible to swim for a while, be engaged in a vindsefing, softball, run and tennis. In the park of 25 acres of mangrove thickets (wetland and mangrove forest). - Si-En-Em-Ay Myuzeum оф Histori and Kalcher (The CNMI Museum of History and Culture). The museum of History and Culture of the Northern Mariana Islands is in the restored building of the Old Japanese Hospital constructed in 1926. The exposition of the museum includes exhibits of times ancient чаморро, the Spanish era, the periods of the German Administration, the Japanese Period and VMV. A part of an exposition is allocated for the present of the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands. You will be able to examine two main collections: treasures from the Spanish galleon which broke in 1638 and original sketches of the French expedition on (1819) the Mariana Islands made the baron Luiz Claude de Salem (Louise Claude de Saules, Baron de Freycinet).

  • The CHAMOLIYSKY VILLAGE (Chamolinian Village) is in the area of shopping center Garapan. This settlement built by rules of ancient chamorrsky and Carolinian villages acquaints tourists with local life and arts. Guests can try cleaning of cocoes, drawing with banana stamps, production of coconut oil and local sweets, and also to make to themselves a beads in a Saipan way, to weave a tropical wreath, a hat or a basket. For men here too there is a business - to square the real canoe and even to try it in an island lagoon. Here it is possible to look at the Chamalal dens-show, to taste a barbecue and to play local traditional games on the beach.

  • Garapan - the tourist center of the island, is in the middle of the western coastal Beach Road Road. Here you will find known around the world the Hard rock of Cafe (Hard Rock Caf?) and Duty Free shop. Most shops, restaurants, and night clubs is concentrated on Garapan. All this does to Garapan by the place where everyone has to visit.

  • The GARAPANSKY STREET MARKET (Garapan Street Market) works on Thursdays, with 18:00-22:00. On Third Street of the Tourist zone of Garapan - Paseo the Marianas Square. Here under the open sky, directly on the street - the pedestrian zone, tourists can eat a hot barbecue, buy local souvenirs, fresh tropical fruit and vegetables. To look at representation of island dens-groups, display of fashion and to listen to live music.

  • Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill - the place of concentration of administrative and government agencies of the Mariana Islands. The area received the name in 1947 when the American Territorial Administration placed the institutions here. The panoramic view with Capitol Hill is just that place where to you most of all to be pleasant to watch changes of color of the sky and sea.

  • To Susupe. To Susupe - the administrative center where there are offices of the Government of Community of the Mariana Islands. In this area hotels, restaurants, mail, churches, police and the fire station are also located. Quarter of San Jose is in a northern part to Susupe, and in southern - Chalan-Kanoa and San Antonio.

  •  Cathedral Maunt Kemel (Mt. Camel Cathedral). The cathedral Maunt Kemel was constructed at the time of the Spanish board and was a spiritual support of islanders. The unique Spanish architecture of a cathedral is harmoniously combined with a surrounding island landscape. The most influential on the Mariana Islands, the Cathedral Maunt Kemel controls all churches on islands and is known to the world on an equal basis with Agan's Cathedral on the island of Guam.


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