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Treasures of Galápagos: a cruise on the Silver Galapagos liner

Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos
Far from a civilization, partially uninhabited, kept the unique nature – Galapagos Islands are one of the most ancient ecosystems of the planet! To the middle of the XVI century on the archipelago the leg of the person, and a great number of animals and birds, such as a land iguana did not go, elephant and green turtles, holothurias, a Galápagos penguin, a golubonogy olusha, bramblings, Galápagos buzzards, a cormorant and a sea lion – remained only in these parts. We invite you to go to a fascinating travel across Galápagos on the small cruise liner of the class Ultra – Silver Galapagos. During the cruise you are waited by bathing on beaches, acquaintance to the most rare animals and birds, visit of National park in which there live huge turtles, and the Center of researches of Charles Darwin. Pleasant surprises of a route - descent in the flooded caldera, rafting on kayaks on the picturesque gulf and a snorkeling in the company of sea lions and other good-natured inhabitants of local waters.

Treasures of Galápagos: a cruise on the Silver Galapagos liner

Tour duration: 8 days/7 nights.

Tour route: Baltra – the island Genovesa – Darwin bay – Northern Seymour – the island Rabida – the island Bakhiya Ballena or the island Eden – San Cristobal – a bay Gardner – the island Punta Suarez and Hispaniola – the island Santa Cruz – the island Souf Plaza – Baltra. 

Dates of tours: 26.11.2016 – 3.12.2016, 18.02.2017 – 25.02.2017, 6.04.2017 – 13.04.2017.

The approximate cost of a tour on the person:

Cabin Price
 Explorer Suite $7425
 Terrace Suite $9135
 Veranda Suite $9315
 Deluxe Veranda Suite $9855
 Silver Suite $11205

In cost it is usually included:

  • placement in a cabin of the chosen category;
  • full board onboard;
  • all disembarkation to the coast and an excursion according to the program;
  • services of skilled forwarding team;
  • lecture program onboard;
  • room service from 6:00 till 23:00;
  • flight by economy class of Quito – Galapagos Islands – Guayaquil;
  • 2 nights in JW Marriott hotel in Quito before a cruise
  • evening sightseeing tour across Quito;
  • night in Oro Verde hotel to Guayaquil after the cruise;
  • entrance tickets and collecting in National park;
  • transfers in JW Marriott hotel in Quito, from the airport on the vessel on Galapagos Islands, from the airport in Oro Verde hotel to Guayaquil, from Oro Verde hotel in the Guayaquil airport.

It is in addition paid:

  • the international flight the food which is not specified in the program;
  • health insurance;
  • all personal expenses and other expenses which is not specified in the program of a tour.  
Silver Galapagos liner

Standard program of a tour

Day 1. Baltra

Landing to the Silver Galapagos liner and beginning of a travel. Placement in cabins, a meeting and acquaintance to team of the vessel at supper.

Day 2. The island Genovesa – Darwin bay

Arrival on the island Genovesa which is considered real paradise for ornithologists. Here it is possible to see huge colonies of various sea birds. Walk on the picturesque beach at Darwin bay. You will see to a gnezdovya of one of the biggest colonies on the planet krasnolapy olushy, examine the nests of seagulls hidden in rocks and you will get acquainted with night herons.

After rise on an abrupt track to the highest part of the island. This road bears a name of the Duke of Edinburgh who visited the island in 1965. If to you carries, then ascension will crown a great luck, and you will be able to watch day hunting of a marsh owl. Besides, bright bright-red frigates and the having nests directly on the earth naskansky olush live here.

Being in these parts, do not miss an opportunity to be engaged in a snorkeling to estimate an extraordinary variety of the local underwater world. At desire, YOU will be able to study the flooded caldera, to take part in rafting on a kayak on the gulf of Darwin and to examine rocky coast of the island Genovesa from the ocean.

Day 3. Northern Seymour

This day the vessel will enter the harbor of the small island located near Baltra – Northern Seymour. It is the house for numerous colonies of birds, including, proud frigates (and a frigate magnificent!) and well-known golubonogy олуш which are known for the unusual marriage dances. Males of these sea birds raise one paw and a wing and, dancing, attract thus females.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

You will visit the beach where the great number of sea lions, iguanas, seagulls, pelicans and other birds and animals lives. Snorkeling and acquaintance to turtles.

Day 4. The island Rabida – the island Bakhiya Ballena or the island Eden

Arrival on the small island which is famous for the unusual color of sand on the beach – dark and claret color. It is covered with red rocks and green trees Fell Santo, and is the place where it is possible to observe life of Galápagos mockers, lava lizards of Darwin and chaffinches.

Walks with an opportunity to see sea lions, bathing or a snorkeling in the company of seals, iguanas, reef sharks and multi-colored fish flocks. After the captain of the liner will solve whether weather conditions for visit of the island on which there were traces of whaling of last years – Bakhiya Ballena approach.

Alternative option of continuation of a travel – arrival on the island with unusual even for Galapagos Islands geology. There live blue herons, golubolapy olush and sea lions. If to get accustomed, then in the gulf during inflow it is possible to notice reef sharks, big green turtles and slopes.

Day 5. San Cristobal

This day you will reach one of the oldest islands of the archipelago – San Cristobal. There is a National park in which there live huge turtles who are on the verge of extinction. Experts protect and study these surprising animals who are the real symbol of Galapagos Islands.

Pay attention, turtles make interesting sounds when get leaves from trees or eat a forage. You will see absolutely little tortoises, young and strong individuals and ancient, grown wise life of turtles with partially burst armors. Besides, in the territory of the island you it is possible to meet golubolapy, krasnolapy and naskansky olushy. Rest on the beach with sand of olive color. It gets such shade because of contents as a part of an olivin. At an edge of water seals have a rest, having got acquainted with which, you will be able to be understood on the survey platform to examine picturesque vicinities.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Day 6. A bay Gardner – the island Punta Suarez and Hispaniola

Do not miss an opportunity to swim for a while on the picturesque beach in the gulf Gardner together with sea lions. Closer to a bottom reef sharks flash, and turquoise sea open spaces in these parts cut multi-colored flocks of fishes. On this beach sea iguanas like to get warm under sunshine.

After a lunch the vessel will drop an anchor at the island Punta Suarez. In its steep rocks there live golubolapy and naskansky olush, mockers, and also a great number of Galápagos seagulls. Stare into the sky, perhaps, you will notice the rare guest there – a Galápagos hawk.

Day 7. The island Santa Cruz – Souf Plaza  

In a night the vessel will reach the archipelago of Santa Cruz Islands located in the heart. There is the biggest city of Galápagos on population – Puerto-Ayora.

You are waited by a fascinating excursion in the Center of researches of Charles Darwin.

In its territory there is a museum of history of Galapagos Islands in which it is possible to learn about options of development and protection of local territories and the unique nature. Also huge land turtles of two types – with a saddle and dome-shaped armor live in the research center in a large number. Thanks to activity of his employees unique animals are not threatened by disappearance any more. You will see little tortoises who wait for departure on the native islands.

Visit of the exhibition devoted being under the threat of disappearance from the archipelago of iguanas. Their population emergence on Galápagos knocked down dogs and cats.

Walk on Puerto-Ayor's streets, acquisition of souvenirs for the family and friends and acquaintance to life and life of locals. At desire, you will be able to go by bus to a tortoise farm. Visit Trapich – a farm on which grow up a sugar cane and fragrant coffee. Tasting of freshly roasted coffee and acquaintance to subtleties of its production.

After you will go on Souf Plaza – the small island on which cactuses grow the huge sizes and there lives the big colony of land iguanas.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Day 8. Baltra

Arrival in Baltra. Breakfast onboard, release of a cabin and completion of a cruise.

Treasures of Galápagos: a cruise on the Silver Galapagos liner
Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos
Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos
Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos
Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos
Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos
Сокровища Галапагосов: круиз на лайнере Silver Galapagos


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