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Отдых в Испании
Rest in Spain occupies many years one of key positions in the list of the most popular tourist directions. Annually the resorts of Spain are visited by thousands of vacationers from all corners of the world. Here it is possible to go at all seasons of the year and any structure – together, with children, the cheerful and noisy company. In Spain as any more, equally you derive the guaranteed pleasure from all existing types of tours anywhere: excursion and informative, beach and combined, gastronomic and wine, sports and alpine skiing.

To have a rest in Spain

Spain is located in the southwest of Europe and occupies the main part of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Pitiuzsky Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. On the square Spain – the second after France in Western Europe, occupies about 505 thousand It borders on France, Portugal and Andorra. Gate of the Mediterranean it is possible to call the Strait of Gibraltar safely. Life of the country was always inseparably linked with the sea - the total length of the Spanish coast makes about 3 200 km.

Capital and the largest city of the country – Madrid.

The population of Spain in 2012 made 46,772 million people. Here talk in four languages: Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician. The state and most widespread language is Spanish. In the territory of the country only euro is accepted for payment.

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Spaniards divide day not as we. They have an early morning – madrugada (to 5.00 – 6.00), morning – maňana (to 10.00 – 11.00), midday – mediodía (from 12:00 till 14 o'clock), evening – tarde (from 14:00 till 18:00) and the second half of evening and night – noche (after 18:00).

It is difficult to find in Western Europe other country with the same unique climate and the nature. Spain shares the first place on number of sunny days, along with Italy and Greece. Though all country is also located in a subtropical belt and is close on the environment to other Mediterranean countries, nevertheless strongly differs from them. The proximity of the African continent, influence of a mountainous terrain, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea affects.

As we already told, Spain from three parties is surrounded with the seas and separated from Europe by the high Pyrenees. Can in successful location and there is its main secret?

The Pyrenees, Spain with children on rest!

The strong heat happens seldom, the sun pleasantly heats, rains happen seldom. The breezes changing the direction depending on time of day (in the afternoon breezes blow from the sea on the land, and at night — from the land at the sea), bring fresh and cool air in hot season. The winter differs in softness and average temperature in January in a northern part from +8 to +10, and in southern to +12.

Sea tour in Spain

The soft and warm climate, pure beaches, abundance of fresh seafood, vegetables and fruit, and also wide choice of comfortable hotels and apartments of any level do this amazing country by the popular place of beach rest, and also the favourite vacation spot with children in Spain. Spain offers rest by the sea in the known Mediterranean resorts (Costa-is gallant, Costa-Daurada, Costa-Blanca, Costa-del-Sol) and popular islands (Ibiza, Majorca, Menorka, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and so forth). On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea it is traditionally possible to have a rest since the end of spring to the middle of fall, and here and there, for example, on beaches of Tenerife – all the year round.

Rest in Spain with children, amusement parks

Rest in Spain with children – the favourite place of tourists. In family resorts you will find hotels with fine children's infrastructure, and also excellent beaches with a flat and superficial entrance to the sea, without waves. Quality of service – at the good European level. And near beaches Costa-Daurada, in only 800 meters, is located one of the theme parks "Port of Aventura", largest in Europe, which is the main center of gravity not only children of all age groups, but also their parents.

Парк Порт Авентура
Rest with children in Spain - The Port of Aventura Park - Costa Dorada

Spain is beautiful years at all times. Here beach rest is easily combined with excursion tours. And in the winter, for example, in Barcelona about +15 degrees, the season of sales opens, there are no turns and all sights are available. It is worth trying some house specialties years at this particular time. The best-known – Escudella de carn d’olla – meat, vegetables and Galets paste soup. Plus of visit of Barcelona "out of a season" are the fine prices of internal flights to the Canary Islands. The cost of flight of Barcelona-Tenerife-Barcelona can make 50-100 euros.

Being the country with an interesting story and culture, Spain is rich in sights, the museums and monuments. By the number of the cities which it is possible to call the cultural and architectural capitals she practically does not know to herself equal. It and dynamic Madrid where there is one of the largest world museums – gallery of Prado. And surprising Barcelona on which streets you will see really fantastic constructions of the architect Gaudi. And Toledo – great El Greco's city, practically without changes the kept medieval center. And cradle of a passionate Spanish flamenco Seville. And Zhirona with two-thousand-year history called by "the last bridge to Africa". The list can be continued for a long time.

Толедо, Испания
Toledo, Spain rest, hotels cozy and modern.

Spain rest hotels

We advise fans of alpine skiing rest and snowboarding to visit the resorts of Sierra-Nevada, La-Pinilla, etc. Well equipped high-speed routes and modern elevators will provide you pleasant driving, and the ratio of the price and quality will pleasantly please.

Spain became prevalochny point on the way to Andorra long ago. We recommend to be late in Barcelona at least on couple of nights at the beginning or at the end of the travel.
In addition it is more favorable to rent the car for a trip to mountains in Spain, and to refuel in Andorra.

Spanish cuisine – one of the best in the world on quality and a variety of the used products. The traditional cuisine consists from numerous regional and everyone is influenced by climate, history and a way of life. It is quite simple and all dishes prepare quickly enough. Rice; white and red wine sauces, with spicy herbs and crushed миндалём; puddings and sweet pies; Spanish wine and well-known sherry and, of course, cheese, olives and meat, including national delicacy jamón. At each restaurant the menu with the cost of dishes is hung out. And in the majority of institutions there is so-called Menu del Dia - it is a complex breakfast, a lunch or a dinner. We offer food tours to Spain with excursions and tastings.

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Rest in Spain


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