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Tours to Sweden

The travel across Scandinavia will give you the excellent chance to see the main beauty of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. During the 11-day tour you are waited by excursions across Copenhagen, Bergen, Oslo, Lillehammer and Stockholm, walks on picturesque small towns and small villages, a sea cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, and also visit of a picturesque Briksdalsky glacier. Besides, you will be able to see the well-known Norwegian fjords and to visit the Museum of Vikings where the real ancient Viking ships are exposed!

Versions of programs for insentiv-groups

In more detail

Duration: 5 days

Dates: on demand

the price is from €875

Air flight: not incl.

Autumn vacation – excellent time for a trip to Stockholm, home Carlson. We suggest you to go to a fascinating travel which will be to the taste to both children, and adults. You will see numerous sights of the capital of Sweden, will visit the well-known museums of Vaasa and Skansen, and also will be able to visit the museum Yunibakken where you will meet favourite heroes of books of Astrid Lindgren.

In more detail

Duration: 7 days

Dates: on demand

The "On a Visit at Mumi-trolls and Carlson" tour In fantastic places of Finland and Sweden

In more detail

Duration: 10 days

Dates: on demand

You will feel and will see city life in harmony with the nature, feel spirit of provincial Sweden with its wavy valleys framed with the woods, and thousands of lakes shipped in silence and tranquility.

Individual tours to Sweden

Individual tours to Sweden . Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties in Sweden and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.
The website offers you individual tours to Sweden!
Individual tours to Sweden from the company are:
  • excursion tours;
  • alpine skiing tours to the resorts of Sweden;
  • educational tours and tours on events;
  • tours for children for school vacation (an excursion to Legolend, travel to Mumi-trollyam and Carlson);
  • cruises on the liner;
  • the combined tours (travel over several countries).
 You can always specify the prices of tours to Sweden at your manager.
Choosing an individual tour to Sweden, choose the best companies!

For more information on the organization of individual tours to Sweden call or write to us.

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