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Tours to Cuba

 Туры на Кубу
If you think of a fascinating travel on the Caribbean islands, then it is better not to find places, than Cuba. To swim in the winter in the warm sea, to dance to the heart's content much to the Caribbean music, to look at violence of festivals and to get acquainted with sights of the Island of Svoboda — that can be better.
Tours to Cuba

Solar Cuba – the country of salsa and incendiary rhythms. It is necessary to study the Cuban dances exactly here, at local teachers. Only this way you not just learn the necessary movements, but also will get into an essence of dance. We bring to your attention the excellent program within which you will complete a full course of training in salsa with the personal trainer, will be able to perfect the received skills on various dance floors, will visit representation of cabaret of Parizyen, will see the main sights of Havana and Trinidad, will have a rest on snow-white Cuban beaches and much, many other.

We bring to your attention a fascinating group excursion tour across Cuba during which you will see the main sights of the capital, visit several beautiful cities, you will get acquainted with the country nature during sea walk and visit of National park, you will visit tobacco factory and in the House of coffee, and also you will have a rest on the island of Cayo Santa-Mariya which is known for the excellent beaches. Is included accommodation in the chosen hotels in the price of a travel and services of the guide. At will a tour can be prolonged rest in Havana or on Varadero.

In more detail

Duration: 8 days

Dates: on demand

the price is from $835

Air flight: not incl.

The sea, the sun, excellent kitchen, fascinating excursions – all this waits for you during a group tour across Cuba. Within the program you visit Havana with its numerous historical sights well-known for bars and restaurants, will visit tobacco factory, will see beauty of Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara, and also will have a rest in the beautiful sea resort of Varadero where you, at will, can be late on any number of days. In the Approximate cost of a tour accommodation in the chosen hotels and services of the guide enters.

The combined tours to Cuba – magic time of rest on Svoboda's Island

Individual tours

Perhaps, the tourists traveling around the Caribbean islands can have the most fascinating adventure if they want to present to themselves colourful, bright and unforgettable days in Cuba. Streets of its cities bear the impress colonial history which does them unusually attractive. The island is widely known for the cigars, beaches, and a set of fruit.

Individual tours to Cuba from Moscow during which guests will surely visit one of the splendid cities of the New World in the northwest of Cuba – Havana use a certain prestige. Among its sights there is a set of monuments of colonial times, many of which are included into the list of the world heritage.

Winter tours

There is an opportunity to order tours to Cuba in December and to swim in the sea even during the winter holiday. Tourists very much like tropical climate on the island. Night life in Cuba will seem especially bewitching. It is necessary to visit local holidays which are accompanied by accompaniment of the Caribbean music, full harmony, joy and a rhythm. It is impossible to pass carnivals and evenings in the tropikena.

Air temperature fluctuates in the winter around +19 degrees and about 33 – in the summer. Tours to Cuba in January which will not disappoint travelers at all are available, but, on the contrary, will present with the mass of tropical air and solar heat.

Recreation in Cuba

Varadero – 20 km of the beach line with smooth sand calling the sea and tropical palm trees, the hallmark of the island. Here the huge number of tourists because rest in Cuba in Varadero alone or with friends is considered the most prestigious gathers. The large number of beaches is separated from each other by massive rocks that creates the atmosphere of comfort and intim. Extraordinary picturesqueness of the wild nature, untouched person landscapes and, of course, amazing blue sea.

At the top level hotels of Cuba which quite satisfy the European level with five stars work, working by the principle "all inclusive". Of course, it is possible to find the hotels which are most suitable at cost, without paying superexpensive single numbers with a jacuzzi.

Except beach rest, there is also active. Among underwater divers in Cuba excellent places for occupation are mentioned by diving: El Salto, El Cañon, Boka de las Espoñas. The flooded caves in Los Tankues Azules are most interesting to scuba divers-cave explorers. In corners of the wild nature it is possible to enjoy horse and foot walks. One of such places is located in the east from beaches.

Historical and natural wealth of the island

The combined tours to Cuba and are interesting to naturalists as the well-known reserve of El Nicho isolated from the outside world by mountains kept in itself the virgin nature at which it is possible to look with own eyes. It is extremely curious to visit the archaeological capital of Cuba – an enclave of excavation and secrets. Jorro de Maita knows as the place of burial of natives on Caribbean Islands, and the city of Banes is famous for the museum of the Cuban culture.

Go to a travel to Cuba – you receive a charge of positive emotions and bright memoirs. Rum, tobacco and friendly Cubans wait for you!

Комбинированные туры на Кубу
New Year's tours to Cuba from Moscow in January or December will present a bouquet of emotions!

Individual tours to Cuba from Moscow

Individual selection "tours to Cuba in January" or "tours to Cuba in December", in the period of the best season for rest. Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties in Cuba and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.

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Individual tours:

  • informative excursion tours
  • unforgettable rest in Cuba
  • the combined individual tours (rest + excursions)
  • the organization of individual tours for various holidays and festivals
  • rest with children in Cuba

You can always specify the prices of individual tours at your manager.

Choosing an individual tour to Cuba, choose the best companies!

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