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Туры на Маврикий
Tourist the Website "" offers you various and fascinating rest on the island of Mauritius that in the Indian Ocean. Individually selected excursion tours to Mauritius from Moscow will help to combine the cultural program and active pastime.

Tours on the island of Mauritius, the prices

Paradise for lovers and divers – travelers so often call the small island state in the Indian Ocean. And we, perhaps, will call Mauritius also the excellent place for celebration of New year and carrying out winter vacation! We suggest you to go to tropical summer – to magnificent sandy beaches, tasty kitchen and interesting sights. You are waited by diving and surfing, acquaintance to the multi-color earth Shamarel, the underwater world from which just takes the breath away, and majestic extinct volcanoes. You can choose hotel for comfortable accommodation!

It is pleasant to escape from autumn bad weather and the first frosts in the real tropical summer! To luxuriate on magnificent sandy beaches at the warm Indian Ocean, to walk on the multi-color earth Shamarel, to be photographed against the background of steep rocks and to dive, studying incredibly various underwater world. We suggest you to go to the island of Mauritius which by right is considered one of the most beautiful resorts of the planet. 

Individual tours on the island of Mauritius – paradise rest in embraces of the nature

There are such places about which it is possible to tell with full confidence – edge of geography. One of such remote, but not forgotten corners of the world is the island of Mauritius, more precisely the archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. If there is an opportunity and desire to buy individual tours on the island of Mauritius, do not doubt: it is not necessary to be sorry about it definitely, and you here will remember rest quite often.

On this remarkable island resort there are no productions, practically anything reminding of an urbanization and globalization at all. Only plantations of a sugar cane, magnificent sea lagoons, grandiose mountain landscapes and magnificent nature. The purest beaches with white sand are in an environment of azure waters of the warm and tender ocean. On all coast hotels of Mauritius are located, each of which is excellent under the terms of accommodation and to service.

Climatic features

On the archipelago almost all the year round resort season. There is no strong heat as on the island trade winds bring a cool and damp air. It creates all conditions to make rest on the island of Mauritius the most comfortable. Average temperature here +24-+28 0C.

Mauritius is the international resort for elite rest. There comes the huge number of tourists from many countries of the world. It is possible to order tours to Mauritius from Moscow and to feel all charm of climate of this country.

Tourist infrastructure

Tourism on Mauritius is developed very strongly: everything is calculated only on rest, pleasant leisure and fascinating excursions here. At the same time Mauritians skillfully regulate the number of the people staying on the island to keep the nature in primitive purity and inviolability.

Besides, tourists are waited by a huge number of monuments of architecture, sights and natural reserved places.

Buying permits to Mauritius, it is possible to count on very heartiest welcome. Mauritians are very hospitable. Many centuries were flown down on this island representatives of the different countries, religions and races. Therefore indigenous people of Mauritius are Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Creoles, Africans and Europeans. Despite such variety, inhabitants of Mauritius have the uniform state and Creole language of communication.

All diasporas have own customs and holidays which find reflection in a calendar of Mauritius. Seldom where you will meet such harmony of the people who are out of racial or religious disputes

Individual tours on the island of Mauritius from Moscow

Individual tours to Mauritius. Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties on Mavrikiye and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.

The website is offered to you by individual tours to Mauritius!

Individual tours to Mauritius:

  • informative excursion tours to Mauritius
  • the combined individual tours to Mauritius (rest + excursions)
  • the organization of individual tours to Mauritius for various holidays and festivals
  • rest with children on Mavrikiye

Rest of the price you can always specify the island of Mauritius at your manager.

Choosing an individual tour to Mauritius, choose the best companies!

For more information on the organization of individual tours to Mauritius it is possible to contact us.


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