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Tours to Bahrain

Туры в Бахрейн

Tours to Bahrain

According to bible legends, in Bahrain paradise gardens of the Eden settled down. Among the Arab countries this state is the smallest and is located on 33 islands of the archipelago. Beaches in Bahrain sandy and flat. Here huge fields of corals of various flowers stretch: purple, lemon, gentle-green, white. The Kingdom of Bahrain has a huge number of the well-known monuments and sights. We invite in an individual tour to this original state and the real pearl of the Middle East!

Majestic palaces and mosques, powerful fortresses, ruins of the ancient cities, picturesque east markets, safari in the desert – all this and many other things wait for you during the 12-day tour. This travel will allow you to get acquainted closer with history and culture of four countries at once: Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. You will visit Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Al Kuwait, Manama, Doha, visit the interesting museums and you will be able to enjoy the inexpressible atmosphere of the East.

In more detail

Duration: 11 days

Dates: on demand

the price is from $3150

Air flight: not incl.

We invite you to make a trip over three countries of the East: To Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. You are waited by fascinating excursions with survey of palaces, mosques and ancient fortresses, visit of east markets and the interesting museums, and also the real safari in the desert with a barbecue in Arab. Besides, within the tour you will have an opportunity to enjoy rest on beaches of Al Kuwait and Doha with their numerous entertainments. Present yourself unforgettable vacation on the Persian Gulf!

In more detail

Duration: 3 days

Dates: on demand

the price is from €1780

Air flight: not incl.

From April 1 to April 3, 2016 in Bahrain there will take place traditional races of Formula One – the Grand Prix of Bahrain Sahir. We suggest you to plunge into the world of speed, having gone to a small travel over the country.

Individual tours to Bahrain

Individual tours to Bahrain. Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties to Bahrain and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.

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Individual tours to Bahrain:

  • informative excursion tours to Bahrain
  • rest in Bahrain
  • the combined individual tours to Bahrain (rest + excursions)
  • the organization of individual tours to Bahrain for various holidays and festivals
  • rest with children in Bahrain

You can always specify the prices of individual tours to Bahrain at your manager.

Choosing an individual tour to Bahrain, choose the best companies!

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