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Туры в Иорданию

Prices of tours to Jordan

We invite you in a spring travel over the unique country, equally sacred for Muslims, Christians and Jews – Jordan. Here everything is surprising and admiration, in the north of the state – gentle greens of the pine woods and olive groves, in the south – the immense pink desert, and legendary monuments of the disappeared civilizations – is universal. You will visit Amman, will have a rest and get healthier on the coast of the Dead Sea, you will see the most ancient mosaics in Madab, study the improbable, cut-down in rocks capital of the Nabateysky kingdom recognized as one of wonders of the world – to Pyotr, you will participate in a safari on the desert and you will have a rest at the crystal-clear Red Sea in Aqaba. During the tour you can choose hotels for placement on the taste!

We suggest you to go to an eight-day individual Jordan tour during which you visit the state capital – Amman, the ancient city of Dzherash, Petru, Madabu, Wadi Rum, the well-known Locks of the desert and other known sights. Besides, you will be able to swim in the Dead Sea and to have a rest in the resort of Aqaba located on the bank of the Red Sea. You are waited by the highly topical excursion program and mass of new impressions which for a long time will remain in your memory! At will a tour can be prolonged rest on the Red Sea.

In more detail

Duration: 8 days

Dates: on demand

the price is from €598

Air flight: not incl.

We bring to your attention a group tour to Jordan during which you will be able to have a rest at the Red and Dead seas, to visit the place of a baptism of Jesus Christ, to visit the mysterious ancient city of Pyotr and to make a jeep safari on the Wadi Rum Desert. All excursions and services of the guide are included in the Approximate cost of a tour!

Main cities and resorts of Jordan

The kingdom Jordan is the surprising tourist direction combining the beach, excursion and revitalizing rest. In the territory of this state of travelers wait medical Dead and picturesque Red for the sea, one of seven wonders of the world – the ancient capital of the Nabateysky kingdom of Pyotr which is cut down directly in rocks more than two millennia ago, boundless pink sands of the Wadi Rum Desert, fascinating diving and bathing in curative hot springs. Here peacefully the main river of all orthodox Christians – Jordan flows, and at mountain top the Sky is Moisey's memorial. Numerous historical, religious and cultural sights attract millions of pilgrims and experts on history to the country. Perhaps, Jordan is incredibly interesting cradle of the most ancient cultures, equally sacred for Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Королевство Иордания
Kingdom Jordan

Recommendations to tourists in Jordan

Amman – the capital of the kingdom which turned into quite modern Arab city. Here it is possible to see ultrafashionable and modern buildings, to have a bite at magnificent restaurants or coffee houses, to wander on refined boutiques and picturesque craft workshops. We recommend to travelers to go to an excursion on capital sights and to examine Hercules's temple, the Roman amphitheater, the impressive sizes the reception hall of the palace Umeyadov and the Byzantine church.

Достопримечательности Аммана
Sights of Amman

The young resort of Aqaba is in 300 kilometers from the state capital, on the coast of the Red Sea. Here tourists are waited all the year round by excellent beach rest with a set of active entertainments, such as a snorkeling, diving and sea walks. On the first line from the sea hotels of categories 4 and 5 * which can brag of excellent service are located. In the territory of the city there are two greatest Christian shrines – the place of a baptism of Jesus Christ and Moisey's memorial on the mountain the Sky. One more pleasant feature of Aqaba is very favorable shopping. The resort is a zone of duty-free trade and steadily pleases tourists with the low prices of cosmetics and clothes.

Пляжный отдых в Иордании
Beach rest in Jordan

The coast of the Dead Sea is heart of medical tourism of Jordan. It is located in the reserved territory with unique climate and recognized as a natural health resort. The improving resort can brag of 330 sunny days in a year and sea water, rich on the structure. The rare minerals and salts which are its part effectively cope with numerous diseases of joints and skin. You will be able to estimate incredibly clean air and the warm sun which is almost deprived of harmful radiations. Only several days in the resort – and you will feel more young, more beautifully and, of course, it is healthier.

Каньон Петра
Pyotr's canyon

The most ancient sight of Jordan is Petra, the capital of the Nabateysky state. The city legend is cut down in the rock more than two millennia ago and changes color from pink to saturated red and orange depending on time of day. During the tour to Jordan surely it is worth walking on its streets with columns, to examine huge theater and the monastery, to glance to houses which were once inhabited.

Каньон Петра в Иордании
Pyotr's canyon in Jordan

Main is very ancient resort in which still the Judaic tsar Herod Veliky was treated. Now in its territory are constructed modern by a Spa complexes where skilled experts fully disclose all curative force of ancient hot springs.

Climate and seasonality

In Jordan almost all the year round warmly, and thanks to numerous deserts – also it is quite dry. The most favorable time for visit of the kingdom – spring or fall. In the northern regions of Jordan from November to March the rainy season proceeds. On the coast of the Dead Sea and in Aqaba it is possible to bathe all the year round, water temperature here never falls lower than 21 degrees.


Coincides with Moscow.


Goods and services are paid in Jordanian dinars – coins and notes worth 100 piastres. Practically in one institution of the country it is impossible to pay off with foreign currency. It is possible to exchange money on local at the airport, exchange offices and hotels.


Participants of programs and tours make out the entry visa after arrival in Jordan. She acts 30 days and costs about $70. For its receiving at the airport it is necessary to show the international passport which will work even more than half a year. During the procedure of execution of the visa at you can ask to confirm a hotel booking with the voucher for settling or the invitation.

To the country also free entrance is possible: from Aqaba, from the Israeli border (Arawa check-point) or from the side of the border with Saudi Arabia (check-point Hakl).

Besides, the visa can be issued in consular department of Embassy of Jordan in Moscow in advance. In this case will be necessary:

  • one photo;
  • the valid more than 6 months from the moment of entry into the kingdom the international passport;
  • the signed visa questionnaire.

The cost of execution of the single visa in consulate – $31.50, double – $46.50, repeated – $91.50. Visas to children are made out free of charge.

Language and religion

Official language of the kingdom – Arab. Most of residents of the country knows English.

The vast majority of Jordanians – Sunni Muslims, about 5% of the population – Catholic Christians.


The Jordanian sweets are considered as one of the most tasty in the Arab world. Their versions set: from "knafa" with cheese and baklavas with pistachios to "zhavaf" from a guava and the candied fruit.

Отдых в Иордании
Rest in Jordan

Dish of local cuisine not really spicy and sharp, but in large numbers it is accepted to add to them a grass and fresh greens, and also pine nuts, lemons and marinated olives. Do not miss an opportunity to try traditional "falyafel hummus, prepared from the peas ground with greens.

One of the most popular dishes of local cuisine is, of course, "мэнсаф". Mutton with rice is prepared in sour cream, and later given on a table on a big dish. Not in forces to refuse small cut meat powdered with the fried nutlets any tourist.

Tours to Jordan with elements of a gastronomic travel traditionally please gourmets with the reasonable prices.


In Jordan the paving is in quite tolerable state therefore it is convenient to travel around it on the car. In the country it is accepted to use a taxi which service prices do not bite at all. And here rent of a car and independent driving are not welcomed here. Too a specific manner to drive the car at local population.

If you, after all, decide to take the wheel, then remember that the maximum speed which can be developed within the city – 60 kilometers per hour, and in the country – 110 kilometers per hour. The movement in the country right-hand.


Main holidays of the country:

  • January 1 – New year;
  • On May 1 – the Work holiday;
  • May 25 – Day of release (Independence Day);
  • On June 10 — Day of the Arab army; 

  • August-October – month, sacred for Muslims, Ramadan.

During sacred month Ramadan sale of alcoholic beverages is completely forbidden. It is allowed to order them only to tourists who live in magnificent otelyakhkategoriya 5 * and are not Muslims. Consider that shops, restaurants, offices and institutions begin the work at 9:00 at this time, and finish it at 14:00. The official days off – Friday and Saturday.


Paid medical care. You will be able to call the doctor by means of the hotel administrator or to use the tourist health insurance.

Recommendations to tourists

Pay attention: the part of mosques is closed for visit not by Muslims. For walks on the cities of Jordan it is worth choosing clothes of the closed type. The local population can disapprovingly treat even the man in shorts. Women have to be careful during communication with men. For example, it is most strictly forbidden to touch them. In Jordan women never sit down on a front seat of the car, it is not accepted.

Individual tours to Jordan

Individual tours to Jordan . Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties in Jordan and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.

The website offers you individual tours to Jordan!

Individual tours to Jordan from the company are:

  • excursion tours;
  • pilgrimage tours;
  • beach rest on the coast of the Red Sea;
  • medical and improving tours to resorts of the Dead Sea;
  • the combined tours (excursions + treatment, excursions + beach rest).

 You can always specify the prices of tours to Jordan at your manager. Choosing an individual tour to Jordan, choose the best companies!

For more information on the organization of individual tours to Jordan call or write to us.

Tours to Jordan
Туры в Иорданию
Туры в Иорданию
Туры в Иорданию
Туры в Иорданию
Туры в Иорданию
Туры в Иорданию

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