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Tours to Laos

Туры в Лаос
Having ordered the multi-day and planned excursion tours to Laos, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with cultural, architectural sights of the Asian country. Buddhist temples, cave complexes, unique falls of the Mekong River – all this can be seen in Laos.

Tours to Laos

Excursion tours to Laos – offers of active and cultural and informative recreation.

We invite you to make a trip across mysterious and incomprehensible Asia. During the 11-day tour you visit the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi, make water walk across Halong Bay, you will visit Luang Prabang with its magnificent landscapes and ancient temples, you will walk across Ho Chi Minh, you will see mysterious cult constructions of Cambodia and like beauty of the delta of the Mekong River. You are waited by a fascinating adventure and the sea of new impressions!

Thousands of amazing islands, ruins of the most ancient civilizations and the most impressive falls of Southeast Asia meet travelers in the country of rainforests and mountain landscapes – Laos. In the 14th century it carried the long and poetic name "State of One Million Elephants and White Umbrella". Now the country actively develops the tourist directions and is ready to surprise guests with the unique temple complexes, reasonable prices in hotels and the picturesque nature.

Excursion tours to Laos – an opportunity to learn Buddhist view

It is possible to receive positive impression of an excursion trip in case it is well planned. It will surely allow or to feel delight from active, extreme recreation, or to enjoy tranquility, measured ascension on mountain tops, an admiring natural beauty.

Traveling around the countries of the Asian continent, it is possible to combine both the first, and the second, trip time, the highly topical excursion program allow to combine points of a route so that rest was impressive for each tourist.

The unique atmosphere of rest in Laos

All excursion tours to Laos are attractive that they suggest to get acquainted with culture, life, history of the small Buddhist country bred in the center of the Indochina peninsula, which does not have even an outlet to the sea.

But the deep river Mekong with its falls and numerous islands of which it is no more and not less as four thousand, architectural religious constructions so impress with a monumentalism, richness of paints, gold furniture that there is a feeling of presence in the country where time does not dominate over the person. Only pacification and pristine nature.

Ordering individual tours to Laos, it is possible to concentrate only on visit of a northern or southern part of the country. The matter is that they differ also on relief features, and on natural and architectural sights. The South of Laos is attractive by greatness of the Mekong River, its islands, on some of them it is possible to carry out the unforgettable rest painted by regularity, high level of hotel service.

In Laos Bolaven where it is impossible to remain indifferent to a chain of unique falls at which bottom it is possible to bathe is better to diversify pleasant rest with visit in the same southern part of the country of the plateau. And it is possible to be warmed and try the ethnic cuisine at restaurants, hotels or in the picturesque local small villages adjoining the territory of the chosen route.

The combined tours to Laos, in its northern mountain part where it is possible to visit a world famous Elephant cave, or Tham Chang will be suitable for cave explorers. Impressive stalactites, Buddha's sculptures, natural cave lakes attract active vacationers.

Do not miss an opportunity to walk difficult routes, to feel as the participant of fascinating tracking, the Laotian nature is a magnet which attracts the tourist not once.

Individual tours to Laos

Individual tours to Laos . Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties in Laos and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.

The website offers you individual tours to Laos!

Individual tours to Laos from the company are:

  • excursion tours;
  • the combined tours (travel over several countries).

 You can always specify the prices of tours to Laos at your manager. Choosing an individual tour to Laos, choose the best companies!

For more information on the organization of individual tours to Laos call or write to us.

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