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Tours to New Zealand

Туры в Новую Зеландию
Mineral sources, glaciers, geysers, falls, deep lakes, picturesque reserves, the dense woods and fjords – New Zealand is famous for all these natural beauty. Except the magnificent nature of travelers the excellent excursion program and a wide choice of extreme entertainments waits here.

Tours to New Zealand

Nearly 80 million years the continent Gondwana was divided into 2 parts. Each of them continued to develop separately, keeping at the same time surprising features which you will not meet more in one corner of the globe. We invite you in the big, extraordinary fascinating and sated with interesting excursions travel across Australia and New Zealand.

We invite you in a big tour across the most interesting cities and sights of New Zealand. You will be able to estimate beauty at once of two big islands on which the state – Northern and Southern is located. You will get a bird's eye view of unique natural landscapes of the country, traveling between the cities by excursion planes, and also from a board of cruise yachts which will carry away you to the open ocean.

Tours to New Zealand

Request the detailed description of all programs from New Zealand manager - Galina Permina by ph. (495) 660-49-33.

Excursion tours to New Zealand surely include trips or walks on the most southern capital of the planet – to Wellington washed by the Pacific Ocean. It strikes with the numerous monuments stories and architecture, and also a large number of beautiful bridges and ancient houses.

We recommend to reach a northern part of the capital area Lembton Kvey to see the well-known round building of Parliament and to visit the Central library known for the impressive number of rare volumes. Do not forget to go also to the New Zealand opera theater and to sweep over the city on the ropeway by tram.

Tours to Auckland – the largest port of the country which is often called the City of Sails are also popular. During the excursion on it you will be able to rise by tops two ancient and long ago the gone-out volcanoes to admire boundless open spaces of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. Annually in Auckland the international regatta on the Cup of America which brings together the most titled athletes and a great number of the viewers from around the world is carried out.

It is possible to taste the most tasty New Zealand wine in the small charming town of the Northern island – Napyere. Walking on its small streets it is necessary to pay attention to a set of buildings in style of an art deco and painted in gentle houses of tone.

Of course, are very popular among travelers of a trip to the most beautiful natural beauty of New Zealand. There are infinite beaches from the huge sizes dunes of snow-white sand. It is very cheerful to roll down from them directly in ocean waves. For hours it is possible to walk in huge national parks – Tongariro, Fyordlendu, Westland, Urever and many other. Fjords of Kvinstaun, acquaintance to sea birds and whales, Spa in hot thermal springs, weeds by helicopter to a glacier – impressions of a holiday in the exotic country will precisely last for a long time.

The place, obligatory to visit, – the valley of geysers of Rotorua. In its territory there is a geyser, largest in the country, – to Pokhut. Approximately each 20 minutes he throws out the fountain of hot water on height in 30 meters. It is possible to watch eruption within an hour, and sometimes longer.

New Zealand – the homeland of active recreation and extreme tourism! From different corners of the planet fans of bungee jumping and a rap-dzhampinga, diving and a skaydayving, gliding and air surfing gather here. Entertainment which with guarantee will cause adrenaline inflow is zorbing, or driving in the middle of a transparent sphere from the abrupt mountain.

Unique offers for thrill-seekers are, undoubtedly, alloy on black water of the rivers of a cave of Waituomo at a depth of 100 meters underground and visit of the ancient Benedictine shrines located at the bottom of craters of extinct ancient volcanoes.

Individual tours to New Zealand
Individual tours to New Zealand . Find experts who will help you to understand rest subtleties in New Zealand and will take care that the travel left the best impressions.
The website offers you individual tours to New Zealand!
Individual tours to New Zealand from the company are:
  • excursion tours;
  • active and extreme recreation (bungee jumping, alloy on "black water" underground, a toboggan, rafting, air surfing, parachute jumps and many other things);
  • cruises to glaciers and fjords;
  • tours to places of shootings of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings";
  • medical tours to the valley of geysers of Rotorua;
  • the combined tours (excursions + active recreation, excursions + treatment, travel over several countries).
 You can always specify the prices of tours to New Zealand at your manager.
Choosing an individual tour to New Zealand, choose the best companies!
For more information on the organization of individual tours to New Zealand call or write to us.

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