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Country houses and apartments

Виллы и апартаменты
If you gather during a holiday on a seashore a family or the big company, we recommend to you to pick up a country house or apartments for the favorable price. At such option you considerably cut the expenses.

Country houses and apartments

Besides, rent of housing abroad allows you to keep habitual tenor of life, a diet and even the menu. All these factors become especially important during rest with children. Additional benefits of a holiday not in hotels:

  • opportunity more flexibly to change its duration;
  • the right to wake up not by a breakfast which in hotels usually comes to the end at 10:00 and when it wants;
  • invaluable language experience and full immersion in culture and life of other state.

On our website it is possible to pick up a country house, apartments or a cottage in any country of the world. Just send a request to our managers in the bottom of this page! 

Country houses and apartments in Asia

We do not want to impose the opinion. Everyone decides itself that for it it is better — to lodge in hotel or to rent a country house. But advantages of rent of the house to Bali are obvious.

Island rest in Thailand enjoys the increasing popularity. A great number of tourists choose the island Samui surrounded with waters of the Gulf of Thailand for spending vacation. The bright sun, unusual paints of tropical plants, tender waves which are rolling down on sandy beaches – all this does rest to Samui unforgettable on the impressions.

Country houses and apartments in Europe

The country house is free 4 weeks in August. 3 bedrooms.

The sea, the sun, magnificent landscapes, tremendous kitchen, original culture – all this Italy! We offer you family rest in a magnificent complex of Punyokyyuzo. Shops, fine bars and restaurants, numerous opportunities for sports activities, fascinating excursions and the most various entertainments for all age are and many other things offer the resort.

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Pleasantly on a holiday not to limit in anything itself, not to change habitual tenor of life and to have a rest with comfort. Especially in such bright and picturesque country as Spain where the sea rustles literally behind a window of country houses on the coast, and night discos and attract inveterate party-goers. You can remove housing and feel all pluses of such rest.

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Choosing rest on private country houses, you choose absolutely private situation, tranquility and more favorable cost in comparison with placement in hotels 4-5*.

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We bring to your attention a chalet in the most popular grnolyzhny resorts of Switzerland.

Rent of a chalet in Switzerland is a popular type of accommodation - especially in that case when it is about rest of the big company of friends. The rent cost fixed therefore the first-class rest will manage rather cheap if you go a big family or the company.

Only imagine how it is exciting to gather with friends and acquaintances in the general drawing room and to drink before a fireplace of hot mulled wine after the whole day of active recreation! The few hotels ionut to offer guests such pastime. For this reason rent of a chalet is so popular in Switzerland among vacationers big noisy Saytmi.

Take care of the winter rest with a family and friends already now.

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The fascinating rocky coast which is abruptly breaking in sea depths of incredibly blue color is very much loved by artists and musicians. And also show business stars! We suggest you to have a rest on a magnificent private country house in one of the most prestigious and quiet resorts of the planet – on the peninsula Kap-Ferra. The mansion is surrounded with boundless sea open spaces from three parties and rolls in a fragrance of the roses and a jasmine growing in its well-groomed garden.

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An opportunity to have a rest near stars of the first magnitude, to meet creative people, to luxuriate on the most magnificent beaches of French riviera and to feel perfectly in soft Mediterranean climate – all this is given to travelers by Seong Track. We invite you to have a rest in August on the magnificent country house located in carefully protected domain of this resort. In a mansion there is everything for unforgettable rest – the pool, gym, a direct exit to the beach and terraces from which panoramic views of the coast open magnificent.

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We suggest you to have a rest on the Azure coast of France on the magnificent country house located on the first line by the sea. In a garden of a mansion the mooring for yachts is equipped, there are a spacious pool and a direct exit to the beach. Recently the country house was completely updated, arranged with new furniture and works of art. Rest in the favourite resort of stars of show business, the famous artists and musicians – Saint-Jean-Kap-Ferra – will become unforgettable!


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