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If you were tired of crowd of the big city if you want to feel on vacation not the lodger of hotel, but the guest or the relative of owners of the estate on a bosom of the magnificent nature if you are ready to hire the car and to survey picturesque fantastic towns and big cities of arts, by the evening coming back to silence and rest of rural areas, accommodation in agrotourism for you.


This type of tourism began to develop in Italy as an alternative to rest in city hotels at the beginning of 70 years. Then the help to farms after poor harvest years and obtaining the collateral income became the purpose of development of agrotourism. But in several years this business began to give the main income item to wine-making farms against the background of escalating interest of citizens in environmentally friendly rest.

Inhabitants, tired of city bustle, stretched on the nature, preferring products "directly from a bed", cheeses, wine and meat directly from the producer. In all countries this type of tourism began to develop promptly. Today the vast majority of structures of agrotourism – mini-hotels 3-4 stars which are often located in restored country houses, locks and monasteries.

In the morning you will be woken by birds or roosters, in the evening on a terrace with a magnificent pastoral landscape it is possible to enjoy a glass of young wine from a cellar of the owner of the estate. Owners of estates offer the guests fishing and "hunting behind truffles", tasting of wine and lessons of cookery, riding and courses of pottery and drawing. Many structures arrange concerts of classical music or the jazz in the evenings.

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