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Not only citizens of Saudi Arabia decide to come to rest to Bahrain today. Every year this island becomes more and more known. And even more often tourists from the most different corners of the globe come here to rest with desire to touch closer this amazing east world.

The Kingdom of Bahrain – unique rest on islands of the archipelago

The island state in the Persian Gulf, known around the world thanks to the Kingdom of Bahrain, represents the archipelago, of 665 as a part of which 33 islands. The largest of them is also Bahrain which sizes of 50 by 16 km.

Practically all territory of this amazing island – is desert. The sun warms its earth practically all year. Vol of all coast – the beach. Today this huge territory is intensively built up with the most modern tourist and resort complexes.

The main flow of tourists is observed from Saudi Arabia. However very active work on expansion of travel business and acquaintance with these amazing places of the increasing number of people from the different countries is conducted today.

State of Bahrain

In fact, among the Arab countries the state of Bahrain is the only thing located on islands of the archipelago having the same name. Uniqueness of this state not only in it. Today it is considered that exactly here the lowest crime rate among all countries of the world. The possibility of commission of any illegal actions in relation to foreigners is almost improbable. And if there are exceptional cases of theft, then the reason for that – emigrants from Central Asia.

Bahrain more all other Islamic countries is loyal in respect of religions. Here sale of alcoholic beverages is not forbidden, but it is not recommended to carry by them on streets "in opened". Especially to taste in public places. The prices of these drinks here quite high, as well as on many products.

Coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain, it is necessary to know that a number of objects is forbidden to be photographed here. In particular, it is the residence of the emir and practically all mosques. At desire to make a memorable picture with locals it is better to ask their consent to it.

Not so long ago the Kingdom of Bahrain gained additional popularity. Departure of races of the Formula 1 series, the first in the Middle East, was postponed for the territory of this kingdom.

Exclusive rest in Bahrain
State language

Official language Arab is considered here. However, even besides that Bahrain – the small island state, in use at locals several colloquial dialects. It is easy to notice it if to compare informal conversation of citizens and residents of rural areas. English is also well widespread. It is actively applied in business and studied on the royena with national. It is also possible to hear a talk in Urdu and Farsi.

Rest in Bahrain

The first arising associations are a beach rest. The sun within 360 days quite allows to enjoy weather, and, therefore, in any day it is possible to do swimming, snorkeling or diving.

The underwater world strikes with the wealth and a variety here. Various fishes, coral reeves – it is impossible to come off all this magnificence.

The organization of tourist rest also has the options. Bahrain is interesting by the sandy, rocky or pebble beaches. In time, free from bathing and suntan, guests of the country will also not miss. Here for them excursion trips with visit of the most interesting sights will be organized.

The local museums rich with expositions are of special interest. Of course, it is the Bahraini National museum. There are a ceramics and sculptures of all eras. Nobody will be left indifferent also by an exposition of the museum of pearls where it is possible to learn everything about this material and national trade on its production.

In the capital of the kingdom – the city of Manam – it is necessary to look at the Byte complex of Al-Karan with the mosque, the Arab fort Arad and church Sakred-Hert. This amazing city is full of contrasts. It unites modern architecture of skyscrapers and ancient constructions. The interesting impression will remain also from visit of the local markets in which it is possible to get all.

Hotels of Bahrain

The set of the hotels calculated on the people of the most different level of prosperity coming to the country suggests to stop in this kingdom. However anyway tourists will be waited by excellent rest and worthy service. Hotels of Bahrain 3-4* are most popular. However Alareen Palace, Crowne Plaza Hotel in Manama and Gulf Pearl Hotel are considered as the best.

Rest to Bahrain is a surprising opportunity
Receipt of a visa

The right for entry into the country is granted by the visa. It is possible to issue it through travel company, the embassy presented in the country of your accommodation or through the sponsor. Can act as the last as the organization having the right for registration and any person who also has the right to submit the application for execution of the entry visa to Bahrain. Further they will bear all responsibility for those people who arrived on their call.

Any hotels of Bahrain can sponsor: it is important for receipt of a visa in 3 weeks prior to estimated date of crossing of border to send to hotel passport data by fax, and also documents with the indication of date of arrival, departure, flights and the purposes of a visit.

Children who were not 16 years old yet fit into the visa of parents. Paperwork term – of 3 days. Entry visas works within 3 months (90 days). Possible time of stay in the state – 14 days. The consular fee makes 26 dollars.

Very conveniently for the fact that coming to rest to Bahrain it is possible to receive the visa at the airport upon an arrival. For this purpose it is enough to have "No objection certificate" – permission to obtaining the entrance document from hotel after booking in it of the place and exchange of all necessary documents, including the admission of law enforcement agencies of the resort. Registration is carried out within 10 days. Therefore it is necessary to deal with this issue beforehand. The visa fee which can be paid at the airport makes 10 dollars.

Very serious arguments are important for extension of terms of stay in the country, but it is possible. Entry into Bahrain is forbidden the people having in the passport the visa or other marks given by the State of Israel.

These are the basic rules connected with entrance documents to Bahrain. It is necessary to consider that also restriction for unmarried women aged up to 45 years is possible.

Climatic conditions

On the climate Bahrain is especially attractive to tourists. Air temperature here in the winter within +17 degrees Celsius with its possible increase to + 26. In the summer it reaches 35-37 degrees, and can rise till 42-45. Rainfall is insignificant – to 90 mm in a year. As a rule, rains go from December to April. However 100% humidity of air can keep within 8 months because of what the heat becomes more difficult to be transferred. Ideal time for visit of the country is the period from November to February.


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